Still Growing

Organic Gardening magazine recently unearthed a personal piece by me that was originally published in their February 2008 print edition. Some confusion was created by the timing of the story’s promotion. Many people, including in-real-life friends thought it was newly written and couldn’t comprehend why it fixated on gardens that I have long since moved

Purple Perilla aka Shiso

Summer Beverage Plants (and a Big Thank You)

Fresh sage blossoms are a tasty garnish in savoury, tomato-based beverages. Fortunately, it feels like my toothy saga is nearing the finish line. After a few consultations, I opted for an extraction of the offending tooth. It had a significant crack, and due to an experience Davin had some years ago and the options presented

Drinking the Summer Garden

The Gayla Requires Expensive Emergency Dental Surgery Sale!

On Thursday night I felt shooting pain radiating up my face from my jaw and an emergency visit to the dentist the next morning confirmed that I need a root canal or (god forbid) more. I have an appointment tomorrow to confirm. And so to raise funds, I am offering, for a limited time, the

Grow Write Guild: Creative writing prompts for gardeners

Grow Write Guild #21: Gardener

Some of us begin working the soil fully consciousness of a desire to become a gardener, while others can spend years growing plants before we awaken to the realization of who we have become. For me it was the latter. I spent years, on and off, collecting houseplants, nurturing cuttings, and messing around with the


Food Worth Growing: Little Beak Peppers

Continuing in a running theme of hot peppers that aren’t hot, I present to you another exceptional variety, ‘Pimenta Biquinho’ aka Little Beak Peppers. Hailing from Brazil, these funny little peppers are round with a distinctive, tapered point or tail that resembles a birds beak (hence the name). Like ‘Trinidad Perfume’, another not hot, hot

Kensitas Silk Flowers Botanical Vintage Cigarette Cards

Vintage Finds: Kensitas Silk Flowers

Growing up in the 70s and 80s, it wasn’t uncommon to find a collectable card or sticker inside packages of potato chips, cereal, and other junky treats and snacks. We’d save our pennies to buy them, enticed more by the possibility of finding a River Phoenix or Cyndi Lauper card than the treats themselves. It’s

Rose Quartz Multiflora Tomato

Tomatoes Worth Growing: Rose Quartz Multiflora

I grew my first multiflora tomato variety back when I had the rooftop garden. Multifloras (aka compound inflorescence) are tomato varieties that produce legions of fruit, usually cherry-sized, per cluster. In a hot year, some multifloras have been known to produce as many as 50-100 fruits on a single cluster! I can’t recall which variety

Make Homemade Wood Balm

Homemade Wood Balm

I must admit that despite the myriad of wood spoons, boards, and whatnot in my kitchen, I didn’t think about protecting them from the dry, winter air until we bought a kitchen island with a solid wood countertop. The instructions that came with the island suggested liberal applications of mineral oil to prevent cracking, and

Grow Great Grub translations

Announcing New Site, Birthdays, Book Translations

Welcome to the new homepage! Please clear your cache or it may look a bit crazy. Back when we launched the site with a new design, one of our longterm goals was to eventually roll out a format that allowed relevant seasonal content to come back up to the front page where you can

Grow Write Guild: Creative writing prompts for gardeners

Grow Write Guild #20: Loving Winter More

I’ll be the first to admit that my banter this winter is grating and repetitive, a broken record stuck on a particularly whoa woe is me whine. “This winter is brutal. It’s too cold. It’s too dark! Waaa!” While I don’t believe in the notion that you can magically make everything better by begging the

Cactus and Succulents

Hello Summer, My Old Friend: A Tour of My Cactus and Succulent Table

It’s not a particularly good photo, just a quick snap of some houseplants sitting on a table on my back patio. There’s bits of grit on the table that had been earthed by the squirrels, water rings on the metal table, and volunteer geraniums underneath the bay laurel tree — little messes that I might

Amateur Gardening Medal

Vintage Finds: Award Winner

Inside this box is something that perhaps we all could use, a small validation that our efforts in the garden — all of our triumphs, failures, attempts to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone — are worthy of praise, support, and a little self-congratulation.

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