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NEW!Drinking the Summer Garden
Celebrating summertime fun, play, and homegrown abundance is the inspiration behind this lushly photographed, 80-page, full-color collection of cool seasonal drinks and accompanying treats and nibbles. Using a wide range of ingredients and flavors available fresh from summer gardens and farmers markets, Gayla Trail shows you how to concoct seasonal drinks that you can’t buy in a bottle.

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Easy Growing
Growing a handful of herbs and edible flowers can add sparkle to dozens of meals year-round. Fortunately for us, these plants are not fussy. In Easy Growing, Gayla Trail shares the tips, ideas, and know-how you need to raise delicious organic edibles wherever you can squeeze in a planter.

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Grow Great Grub
Your patio, balcony, rooftop, front stoop, windowsill, or planter box is a potential fresh food garden waiting to happen. In Grow Great Grub, Gayla Trail shows you how to grow your own delicious, affordable, organic edibles virtually anywhere.

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You Grow Girl
Gayla’s first book guides aspiring gardeners every step of the way in transforming a tiny fire escape or a suburban backyard into the lush garden of your dreams. Along with all the ins-and-outs of soil, seeds, sowing and growing, You Grow Girl is chock full of fun and funky projects that make gardening more than just growing plants.

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