YGG Warm Winter Wear Drive

What: Knit or crochet up beautiful, warm woolies for charity. Mittens, arm warmers, hats, and scarves are all fantastic. A YGG forum member suggests keyhole scarves as anything that wraps around the neck can be uncomfortable and even unsafe for women coming from violent experiences.

New items made by you only please.

To Support: Redwood Women’s Shelter, a terrific shelter located in Toronto, Canada that supports battered women and their families. They run primarily on support from the community.

When: Please mail your items by Dec 1. Email me at gaylaatyougrowgirldotcom for details.

UPDATE: I just spoke with a contact at the shelter and she provided a Wish List:

  • Long Scarves – So I was wrong (above). Winters have been cold here in Toronto and they have need of warm scarves that can wrap around twice for bundling up.
  • Women’s Mittens – They recieve plenty of mittens for children but need larger mittens for adult women.
  • Baby Blankets – For bundling babies inside strollers.
  • Larger Items – If you were planning to make a couple of scarves, make one large item instead. She said they have need for shawls and ponchos.

I want to add that she was very enthusiastic and appreciative. They support a lot of women and children so the need is great.

Gayla Trail
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