Windowsill Cozy

Crocheted Windowsill Cozy

Here’s the follow-up to last week’s Toasty Pot Coaster project.

This windowsill warmer is easily crocheted much like coaster using double crochets and shell stitches as a decorative edge. Start by measuring the width and depth of your windowsill. Make chains until the width matches the width of your sill. Double crochet into each chain, making a turning chain at the end of the row (3 chains). Turn the piece around and continue double crocheting rows until your cozy is as deep as your windowsill. Shell stitch into one side to make a frilly edge that sits just over the front of the sill.

Crocheted Windowsill Cozy

I made my cozy using a partial ball of thick and rough wool that was too scratchy to wear against bare skin. The thickness of the wool has really made an improvement, warming the plants up from the bottom. My partner Davin who happens to sit next to the window claims that it has blocked some of the chill that sneaks in through the lower part of the sill as well.

Crocheted Windowsill Cozy

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5 thoughts on “Windowsill Cozy

  1. This is a really good idea. I might try to sew something since I still haven’t learned to knit or crochet.

    My apartment building is over 100 years old and has very shoddy windows – very thin and drafty. This might just be what I need. :)

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