Welcome and Seeds of Diversity 25th Anniversary


Hello fellow gardeners. If you’re coming from today’s Globe and Mail article, the full story about the tobacco gardener is here. If you’d like seeds, I’ve got loads (I’m not going to grow them) and am happy to pass them on in the spirit they were given to me. Please send a self addressed stamped envelop to my P.O. Box and I’ll mail a few to you. Sorry everyone. I meant the tobacco seeds only. Have been inundated with seed requests (of all sorts) and have no more left to give.

If you’d like a peek at my gardens, there are a few more recent images and stories here.


Tomorrow is the Seeds of Diversity 25th Anniversary Celebration. Seeds of Diversity is Canada’s national heritage seed conservation effort, specifically focused on preserving and promoting non-hybrid plants of significance to this vast country. I am extremely proud (and consequently a little nervous) to be speaking as the keynote in front of a group of gardeners I hold in very high regard. The event will also include seed buying tables (last call for seed starting season!) and lunch is included in the fee. I believe tickets are still available.

Gayla Trail
Gayla is a writer, photographer, and former graphic designer with a background in the Fine Arts, cultural criticism, and ecology. She is the author, photographer, and designer of best-selling books on gardening, cooking, and preserving.

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8 thoughts on “Welcome and Seeds of Diversity 25th Anniversary

  1. Congratulatons, Gayla! on the healthy press buzz in the G&M.

    I’ve followed your site for many years and I’m happy to see the public love & props to you.

    Take care, Emily

  2. I read the post about the tobacco plant. When it comes to tobacco and coffee, I’ve heard the argument that “them” (insert favorite evil group here) discourage the citizenry from growing these two crops because of the possibility of spreading devastating plant diseases and thus possibly hurting the commercial growers. In Mexico, for example, people were discouraged from growing coffee for that reason. I even remember the cartoon ads on tv describing the coffee disease that could wipe out the commercial growers and hurt the country.
    Have you heard of such a thing? Conspiracy by “the man” to keep us gardeners down?

  3. Hello,

    I would love to send a self addressed stamped envelope to you but when I click on your contact me page it just comes up blank. can you email me your address please? Thanks. We started a garden a few weeks ago and it’s going well. This weekend I added even more bed for more veggies. I would love a few seeds from your collection!



  4. Just read the article online. Good stuff. I am so glad you got to say something about the people peeing in your street garden. Maybe now they will respect it a little more. Did you think when you got started that you would be one of the leaders in the urban garden revolution (maybe THE leader)?

  5. hi, just curios about a tall big big leaf plant that you have on your newspaper clipping, reason why my sister was givin one from her brother and has no clue what it was. could you please let me knw what that is. thank you

  6. Karen: I think it is a heart-leaf philodendron but not 100% since this photo was taken at the greenhouse…. it is someone else’s plant.

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