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4 thoughts on “Trifolium Repens ‘Dragon’s Blood’

  1. I’m looking for clover for two reasons: one, my rabbit needs good clean food, and two: I want a spray free lawn. I have always wondered why clover wasn’t more popular with has the nitrogen fixing capacity of rhizobia symbiosis and it is food for wildlife (rabbits and hares) and it smells wonderful when it blooms…never grows much beyond six inches tall, and looks lush and inviting even when newly mowed.

  2. I actually clicked on this hoping to see interesting clovers, but can’t quite make this out … maybe I’m not understanding the shot artistically, but the middle bit where the plant is looks out of focus.

    An added benefit of a clover “lawn” is that you can easily rake through the clover and use the copious “scraps” elsewhere in your garden as mulch. Though, unless you want to spread the seeds, do this before it flowers…

  3. There is no rule stating that the centre of a photo has to be in focus. The focus can be anywhere you want it. You can even choose not to have anything in focus if you prefer. In this case the part of the plant to the front/right is focused.

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