The Lazy Gardener’s Automatic Seed Starting Chart

Calculate seed sowing and planting dates in seconds with Maggie Wang’s easy-to-calculate version of my original Printable Seed Starting Chart. You’ll never wonder when to start your seeds again!

  1. Download the seed starting chart file. If you don’t have excel, you can download a free open-source office suite with a spreadsheet application at or Google Docs.
  2. Enter the “Frost Free Date” for your region in the yellow box at the top. See
  3. Before you can say, “Presto chango” the spreadsheet will quickly calculate all sowing and planting dates and place them in the appropriate fields.
  4. Print your chart and hang near your seed starting set-up or tape it into your garden journal. It is that easy!

You can also download my original do-your-own-math PDF Seed Starting Chart.


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