Sharp-lobed Hepatica (Photo by Gayla Trail)

Gardener’s Anxiety

Sharp-Lobed Hepatica (Hepatica acutiloba) These tiny, pretty pinkish-white flowers are one of the first blooming woodland natives to make an appearance in early spring. They are happy in partial shade with nutrient-rich soil, and can withstand very mild drought. I was admiring this patch yesterday afternoon when the gardener saw me and stopped to chat.

Stevia rebaudiana

Flowering Stevia

Unbelievable! My stevia plant is flowering! I brought my large stevia plant indoors about a month ago. We have had a very cold, wet Fall in Toronto which does not bode well with the delicate nature of stevia. I have learned over the years that stevia is easy-to-grow but particular. Hailing from a warm Latin

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