Oven Roasted Salsa Verde Tomatillo Sauce

My Oven Roasted Salsa Verde Recipe

Recently, my friend Margaret of A Way to Garden inquired about harvesting her first big bounty of tomatillos and turning them into salsa verde. If you grow your own tomatillos, late summer is when their papery husks start to plump up and split, signalling that they are ready for harvest. The fruit tends to ripen

Tomatillos photo by Gayla Trail: All Rights Reserved

Growing Salsa Verde (+ Podcast)

This week I was a guest on Margaret Roach of A Way to Garden.com‘s radio show. We spoke at length about growing tomatillos as well as other edible crops of the same genus (Physalis). You can listen to that episode over here. Tomatillos (Physalis ixocarpa) have only recently gained popularity as a backyard garden crop

Photo by Gayla Trail: All Rights Reserved

An October Day in Pictures

I spent the day harvesting some of the last vegetables from the garden and photographing them. As this was happening I prepared jars for preserving, had pots of salsa verde and apple sauce on the stove, and packed several jars full of herbed salt. It was a busy day of multi-tasking, but I don’t mind.

The Horribly Late Roof Garden Clean Up That Never Was 2007

I desperately need to clean up my rooftop garden. Desperately. Double desperately. It’s horrible how long I’ve let it got this year really. The warmer Fall temperatures were wonderfully evil and I just went with it pretending that Fall would continue forever. I rewarded myself for cleaning up at the community garden so early this

Now with Moving Pictures

I know. I don’t post anything for ages and then I give you this. I received a simple little pocket-sized point-and-shoot digital camera for my birthday and have been excitedly testing out the video feature. The following are two short videos from day one with the camera. I call this first one, “Tomatillo in the


Can’t Stop the Tomatillo!

In an effort to grow new-to-me determinant tomato varieties, I completely forgot to grow tomatillos this year. By the time I realized my mistake it was too late to start tomatillos from seed and none of my favorite local transplant suppliers were growing them. I’m told that tomatillos aren’t a popular crop. For shame. Well

Photos of My Rooftop Garden

As promised, a few photos of my rooftop garden in June. In the foreground you can see lemon cucumber, tomatillos, and peppers. – A full view from underneath the gazebo – Facing north. – Facing west – Facing west (closer) – Sweet and hot peppers in the foreground with purple tomatillos in the grey, oval-shaped