Lucha Libre Fighter Seed Collection

This should be the last list for the season, unless something else catches my eye. It’s time now to shift to the serious work of getting my seeds started! ‘Ancho Gigantea’ Hot Pepper ‘Negro Azteca’ Tomato ‘Aztec 10′ Tomato – An entire crew of luchadores. ‘Fireball’ Tomato ‘Texas Wild’ Tomato ‘Ring of Fire’ Hot Pepper

Olde Thymey Seed Collection

Having been through an awful lot of seed catalogues I can say with a certain authority that the people who create varieties love an olde thymey name. Either that or they name the varieties after themselves or a great, great aunt and it just works out that way. Especially the beans. It’s always the beans!

Filed Under “UMMMMM… HUH?” Seed Collection

Why is it always the bush beans and the tomatoes with the most absurd names? Some variety names are just plain confusing. And weird. Possibly a little bit embarrassing. ‘Kung Poo’ Sweet Pepper – The description reads, “Very red. Nice flavour.” And they got ‘Kung Poo’ from that? ‘Black Master’ Tomato – This one makes

Porn Stars, Hustlers, Strippers, and Pimps Seed Collection

You decide which is which. ‘Sugar Lump’ Tomato ‘Stallion’ Bush Bean – Would have been better if this had been a pole bean. Just saying. ‘Snow White Cherry’ Tomato ‘Turks Nuts’ Tomato – Described as purple/brown and ribbed. ‘Cherry Pink O’s’ Tomato ‘Uncle Willie’s’ Bush Bean ‘Furry Yellow Hog’ Tomato – Ummm…. ‘Heaven’s Joy’ ‘Isis

Meat Lover’s Seed Collection

Sounds like meat, as opposed to accompanying meat. ‘Bacon’ Bush Bean – I am guessing it doesn’t actually taste like bacon although meat lovers everywhere would like for someone to get on that, stat! ‘Caseknife’ Bush Bean ‘Bloody Butcher’ Tomato – Don’t hurt me! ‘Jack Rabbit Kidney’ Snap Bean ‘Deer Tongue’ Leaf Lettuce – Has

The Slasher Movies and Adult Film Title Seed Collection

For the gardener with an unsophisticated sense of humor. Myself included. Tomato’s tend to dominate this theme. ‘Cannibal’ Tomato ‘Bloody Butcher’ Tomato ‘Beaver Lodge Slicer’ Tomato ‘Black Seaman’ Tomato – No matter how I say it “seaman” always gets a snicker from the audience when I mention it in presentations and workshops. ‘Blow Fleisch’ Tomato