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There’s Joy in Hard Work

I listened to this essay about the importance of physical labor by urban gardener Mary Seton Corboy yesterday morning on the This I Believe program and thought it was so brilliant I had to share. Listening to her talk about digging ditches made me want to run outside and dig something… except that it is

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As You Might Have Imagined, It’s Botanical

I got a tattoo. I feel a little silly saying it since there is something kind of odd really about having artwork permanently etched onto one’s body. And despite what anyone has ever told you, getting a tattoo hurts. So, paying someone to essentially scratch me repeatedly for hours on end with a cluster of

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A New World, And a Bold World

Hello. Hi. Is this thing on? I’m experiencing a bit of stage fright, sitting here staring at the screen. It’s been so long since I’ve been here. Not here as in sitting at this computer staring at the screen. I’ve been to that “here” TOO much over the last few months. No I mean here,

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

Thank You

Sakura’s White Bleeding Heart in the street garden I wanted to write and thank you all for your very kind words and wishes about yesterday’s post. I’ve been overwhelmed. Thank you. I have to admit I have felt a little bit of embarrassed by what I wrote. On the one hand it reads so dramatic,


Recreating Eden

Let’s turn the clock back for a moment to late August 2007. Toronto was experiencing the “worst drought in 50 years” accompanied by a drowning humidity. How an intense lack of water AND a drowning humidity can coexist is beyond me. I’m sure there is a meteorologist out there who can explain it. All I

Organic Gardening Magazine

Grow Where You Are Planted

So I was gonna hold off on this one until it hit new stands but it looks like Organic Gardening Magazine let the cat out of the bag early and has published an article I wrote for the Feb 2008 issue (“Grow Where You Are Planted”) on their website. I really enjoyed writing this article.

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