Hellebore photo by Gayla Trail: All Rights Reserved

Hellebore, Huh? Lessons from the Hellebore Whisperer

UPDATE (April 10, 2013): My plants have flower buds! Are you afraid to grow hellebore? I am. Like clematis, they are a plant that I have long associated with hoity-toity gardeners and their fancy pants gardens. Their ticket price doesn’t help matters. Hellebores are notoriously expensive plants, often coming in at the $20-30 mark in

Photo by Gayla Trail: All Rights Reserved

Soft, Delicate & Strange: Red Pasque Flower

They are out early this year, especially this plant, a variety named ‘Red Bells’ that I planted last spring in my own garden — it is already on its third bloom! Pasque flower (Pulsatilla vulgaris) is one of my favourite spring ephemerals and a wonderful perennial plant that thrives in full sun or part shade

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

February at the Community Garden

We popped over to the community garden yesterday afternoon with a frozen pail of compost. I thought I would take some pictures so you can see what it looks like in the middle of winter. As you can see, not much is happening. Drab and dull. We stop using our plots between October/November and March/April

Summer Seeds

It may be summer, but it’s not too late to sow some seeds. Here’s a list of perennials that can be started from seed in July and August. July Perennials Astilbe Bellis Perennis Campanula Gailardia Foxglove Gypsophila Holllyhock Linum Lunaria Lupin Myosotis Pansy Poppy Pyrethrum Primula Sweet William August Perennials Arabis Armeria Astilbe Bellis Perennis