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Garden Update (May 17, 2011)

First up I need to clarify the meaning of the last post. A lot of people thought I was talking about gardening hardship, when I was actually talking about work deadlines. I was REALLY tired and not too with it when I wrote that post. Please excuse my lack of clarity. Hardening off (back and

Photo by Gayla Trail: All Rights Reserved

Violets Galore

The new yard came with violets… lots and lots of violets. They’re blooming now and even though the yard continues to look like the excavation site of a dead body on a television police procedural… I’m in heaven. I have longed to have the space to grow enough violets to make cheerful springtime jellies. A

Photo by Gayla Trail: All Rights Reserved

TO Bees

We are excited about hosting a wild bee nesting box in our new garden as a part of a study on wild bee populations in urban habitats that is being conducted by Scott McIvor through the Packer Collection (PCYU) at York University. You can see how the nestboxes are constructed here. We can’t wait to

Photo by Gayla Trail: All Rights Reserved

Spring is Here!

This is it. This is when it begins. It’s there now, but you have to look for it. Be a detective. Turn your attention way down to the ground. Can you see it? Today you might have to crouch down low or look up high to get a glimpse, but within just a few weeks

My Urban Garden

“Anyone anywhere can have a garden…” Sound familiar? I was shocked when I heard the first line spoken by Carol Bowlby in this National Film Board of Canada film on urban gardening from 1984. Separated by birth and about thirty years, she and I. Watching the film was like watching myself go through my own

Photo by Gayla Trail: All Rights Reserved

Italian Edibles

I have begun to purchase seeds for the 2011 growing season, and because I now live in an Italian neighbourhood, I have easy access to Italian edibles. The above photo represents my first, in-store (as opposed to online), impulse seed purchase of the year. Most of the seeds I bought were varieties of radicchio (Cichorium

Photo by Gayla Trail

Launching a Campaign Against the Legion of Cats

One of the unforeseen negatives we inherited with the new house is a Legion of Cats who have taken up residence in the yard. They’re not strays, just neighbourhood cats that have decided that since no one else was using it, the’d make the yard their playground. And so they’ve made themselves very comfortable back

Even Good Change Can Be Hard

A few days ago we packed up the old place, packed up the roof garden and all of my plants, and moved. It was hell. A special thanks to friends who helped us get the remaining vestiges of our stuff out. That was no small feat and I am super, super grateful. As of right

Photo by Gayla Trail: All Rights Reserved

I Am Getting a Yard!

About a month ago we looked at a house with a yard and about 10 minutes after the viewing I tweeted that this was the next place I wanted to live. I could envision our life there and it looked rather nice. We didn’t get the house. Or that yard. That yard. Yard…. Sweet, sweet

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