Lawn Order

Guest post by Sarah B. Hood When we moved into our narrow city house with its postage-stamp backyard, my partner Jonathan outed himself as a lawnie: a leaning more frequently found among men than women, I’ve found. My dad was never happier than when spraying an arc of water over his little plot of grass;


Getting Her Goat

Guest post by Hillary Rosner “Using goats to battle weeds is gaining popularity in the West, where noxious and invasive plant species are pervasive and poor management has left a lot of land in bad shape.” The lawnmower was broken. Not that I knew how to use it, anyway, as I’d spent my whole life


Lawns to Gardens

Guest post by Beate Schwirtlich Complete strangers step onto Bill Hulet’s patio to tell him how much they like his garden. Many of the houses on his street, which runs between downtown and a commercial strip, are rented to busy students. Until Hulet and two others bought one of those rental houses two years ago

Lawns to Gardens. Convert!

Guest post by Beate Schwirtlich Want to turf your lawn and put in a garden instead? It’s easy. Fall is the perfect time to create a new garden, but summer is the time to get started. You may already know what you’d like your garden to grow. But if you’re planning on changing a lawn