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On My Gardening Bookshelves

I recently did an interview with Mari Malcolm of the Amazon blog about the garden books I keep on my own bookshelf. It was a fun interview to do. I love, love, love books and have a pretty extensive collection of gardening books ranging from the contemporary to old. Some are useful resources and some

Taste T.O. Interview

“What that kind of attitude and approach is saying over and over again is that gardening is not for you; you don’t belong here.” I met up with Teresa Cheng a few weeks ago for lunch at my favourite long-time local eatery, Cafe Bernate for an in-person interview to talk about urban gardening, growing food,


Ascent Magazine – June 2008

I was recently profiled in Ascent Magazine’s sustainability issue. This article is the result of one of the best interviews/conversations I have ever had the pleasure of taking part in. I kind of wish we could read the interview although I’d imagine it would be a hard one to follow given how much I hemmed

Peta 2 Magazine

I was recently interviewed for Peta2 magazine as a way to get young vegetarians excited about growing their own food. They’ve got a contest going to win a You Grow Girl prize pack that includes the You Grow Girl book, an “I Heart Dirt” t-shirt, and a Garden Button Set. A few questions didn’t make