Holiday Gifts for Gardeners 2013

This year, as always, I have selected a few items that are useful and affordable, and a few others that are decorative and a little bit pricier. If they don’t catch your fancy, I’d also suggest checking out my gift guides from previous years. I don’t repeat items so there are plenty of ideas there


Holiday Gifts for Cooks, Home Bakers and Food Preservers

For the Cook: Schmidt Brothers – 15 PC. Knife Set with Block $165.32 CAD: This sleek knife set probably won’t cut it in a professional kitchen, but it is a good deal and well above average for the home cook who doesn’t mind putting in the extra care that is needed to preserve the beautiful


Holiday Gifts for Gardeners 2012

Brass Frond Earrings $45 US: This Australian jewelry designer makes gorgeous and sustainably produced wearable art that is inspired by nature. Her work reminds me of walking along a beach or through a field picking up little bits of water-worn glass and pebbles or beautiful leaves and putting them in my pocket to be rediscovered


Valentine’s Day Gifts for Gardeners

Okra Earrings in Sterling $54.00: I am always on the lookout for vegetable themed jewelry that takes advantage of their elegant beauty. These do that. Wearable Planter Jewelry $20.00US: Months back everyone was sending me links to these wearable planter necklaces with the subject line, “This is SO YOU!” to which I thought, “But no


Ten Handmade Gifts For Gardeners

This started out as a general gardener’s gift guide; however, I found lots of great handmade items on Etsy and decided to keep going. Walnut Garden Dibble $18.00: I think I like this dibble more than my well-worn favorite. It’s made of a beautiful, salvaged dark wood and the price is very fair for handmade.


Handmade Gifts for Gardeners

I didn’t intend to write another post about Holiday gifts this season but I realized that when I wrote the first post I left out the handmade items I found in my search. There’s some really great stuff there and it just seems like a waste not to mention them so here I go: Please


Holiday Gifts for Gardeners 2008

Please note that items are listed in U.S prices. 1. Botanicalls DIY Plant Twitter Kit – $99.00 How many of us really need this? I don’t really need this. I know when to water my plants. All I have to do is, you know, check them… With my eyes and hands. But the geek in


Valentine’s Day Gifts for Gardeners

1. Brown “Jasmin” Ring – $9.00 While these botanically-inspired rings from The Carrotbox have no use in the garden, they are both durable and affordable enough to leave on while gardening. 2. Pot Brush – $29.00 Nothing says romance like a fancy natural bristle brush that makes washing grimy pots easy work. No really! This

Holiday Gifts for Gardeners to Make

I know that time is getting tight now as the Holiday Season kicks into gear but I wanted to be sure and mention some gifts to make if you’re coming up dry on ideas for the gardener friend in your life. A lot of these ideas use materials harvested from your own garden but I

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