Community Greenhouse

A Mid-Winter Booster Shot Courtesy of the Community Greenhouse

I started the week out on the good foot with a reinvigorating morning at the community greenhouse I visited last winter in the suburbs of Toronto. Oh that good air and the smell of warm soil and life. The smells! There were smells. I left feeling energetic and doing air punches in my head. Suck

Garden Tour: Uli Havermann and Paul Zammit

Texture in Uli and Paul’s Garden (a Garden Tour)

My friend Uli Havermann has the most inspiring garden. [Note: you might remember Uli from the community greenhouse and this incredible succulent pot.] She manages to bring a passion for foliage and a love for vintage metal and terra cotta together in a way that is visually mind-blowing. I first met Uli when I visited

Photo by Gayla Trail: All Rights Reserved

Little Eccentricities: A Visit to a Community Greenhouse

My friend and fellow plant/collecting enthusiast Uli Havermann (you may remember her from this incredible succulent pot, this stunning blue sea holly, and these beautiful urns) is a member of a large community greenhouse here in Toronto. Last week she treated me to a glimpse inside. Like community gardens and allotments, community greenhouses are not

Photo by Gayla Trail: All Rights Reserved

Alpine Flowers at Mount Evans, Colorado

As promised, a follow-up post of closeup shots taken at the Mount Goliath alpine garden. While I had to exclude hundreds of shots to keep this post within reason, I still managed to go overboard with over 30 images. As a result, I have embedded a slideshow so that those of you with a slow

Photo by Gayla Trail: All Rights Reserved

Above the Tree Line

How cool to be so high I could actually see where the trees stopped. Just like that. No more trees. While in Denver, a friend of ours (thanks Ross!) generously offered to take us up to Mt. Goliath, an alpine area that is managed by the Denver Botanic Gardens. As an alpine plant fan this

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

Orchids at the Montreal Botanical Gardens

Last month, I spoke and signed books at the Annual Montreal Seed Fair held at the Montreal Botanical Gardens. When things got a bit harried at the event, I took the opportunity to relax with walks through the greenhouses. Inhale deeply. Exhale deeply. I’ve said it at least a dozen times, but of the greenhouses