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On Daffodils

Yesterday afternoon I was offered some bulbs for free, but I had to pass. I had a deadline for my next book to-be today, and I have a much bigger one in two weeks. When would I have time to plant bulbs? Never-mind the fact that it is already December and the top crust of

narcissus juncifolius

What Do I Do With These Daffodils?

Guest post by Debbie Van Bourgondien “The Bulb Lady” (Or tulips, or other spring bulbs?) It’s a sure sign that spring is here – my mailbox is full of spring bulb questions. Some of you have just discovered bulbs that you have forgotten to plant. Others have bulbs that they planted and now want to

Creating a Naturalized Bulb Garden

Guest post by “The Bulb Lady” Debbie Van Bourgondien Before I start, let me issue a word of caution. If you have any ideas about planting daffodils in your lawn for that Wordsworth-like field of golden daffodils effect – don’t. That is not what I mean by naturalizing bulbs. A friend of mine, seduced by