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7 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Slips

  1. They look so bizarrely beautiful in the jars on the windowsill. It’s almost too bad that you’ll have to plant them out. Did you just stick one end in water, and it did it’s thing? I think I have some sweet potatoes that are a bit past their prime for eating purposes. I wonder if I could get them to sprout leaves?

  2. Gorgeous! Ordinary green “sweepo” foliage beats the fancy chartreuse, black and purple ones they sell for however-much in garden centres any day! And you can buy them (well, the beginnings of them, anyway) in any supermarket! (organic section, of course…)

  3. so much better than my attempt … I read somewhere to cut them up and put them in a jar of water on the window sill …mine went all moldy long before they ever sprouted … I’ll have to try again without cutting ..thx!

  4. There are no dumb questions, right? Is a sweet potato vine plant from home depot the same thing that you are growing from real sweet potatos? There are 2 kinds that I see in the store, one is called “Blackie” and the other is a chartreuse color. Thx for your help. Cathy

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