Somewhat Creepy Baby Doll Buggy with Mint

Photo by Davin Risk All Rights Reserved

One of our weekend projects was turning this vintage doll buggy into a mint planter. The plants inside are, from left: ‘Orange’ mint and ‘Ginger’ mint.

I bought the buggy last fall. It cost 5 bucks at a street sale. At the time, I didn’t know what I was going to do with it, I just knew I had to have it. Davin thought it was a bit of a wreck and did not appreciate taking turns pushing it home so I could finish drinking my coffee.

Since then it has sat outside on the roof. I originally stuck a pot of marjoram in it because I was concerned about damaging the integrity of such a gem by putting holes in the bottom. It held straw mulch a few days ago. A neighbour suggested I transform myself into the somewhat scary local eccentric by pushing the miniature pram around the block filled with straw. Baby needs to get some air!

Over the weekend I finally broke down and made some holes in the bottom using a hammer and a giant nail so we could turn it into a planter. Or rather Davin made some holes, although I want to make it public record that I did not force or even ask him to do it! There was some nasty water sitting in the bottom of the carriage. And let me tell you there is nothing nicer than a refreshing splash of rancid water on the face on a sunny Saturday morning.

The two mint plants that are now planted in the carriage/pot were originally intended for the community garden plot, but I already have a ‘Ginger’ mint over there anyways and the colourful foliage just looked like it was meant to live in that rusty old carriage. It’s not uncommon for me to grow or buy plants with an intended purpose in mind, only to switch gears at the last second. Some of my best ideas have evolved this way. I like this one a lot and was mentally patting myself on the back all weekend for coming up with it.

I can’t wait for the plants to grow and start trailing all over the sides of the buggy like gnarly tentacles!

Total cost of this container planting: under 10 bucks. Pretty good when you consider how much mint we’ll get out of it at the end of the season.

Gayla Trail
Gayla is a writer, photographer, and former graphic designer with a background in the Fine Arts, cultural criticism, and ecology. She is the author, photographer, and designer of best-selling books on gardening, cooking, and preserving.

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26 thoughts on “Somewhat Creepy Baby Doll Buggy with Mint

  1. That makes me think, because I complain about cheapo plastic $10 pots being so expensive, and there you are happy about the good deal!

    Yesterday I found some plastic buckets which are about the same size as those R80 pots, but they cost $2. I got four. Yay!

  2. Fabulous Gayla! You’ve got me inspired to go to our local “DI” (Utah version of Value Village) to find some strange and unusual planters.

  3. You know how they say “Mint travels.” Now you’ve given them wheels, there’s no stopping it!
    I like it. It is somewhat creepy, (why are baby carriages creepy – holdover from Rosemary’s Baby?) but very effective, with great colours, and will be lovely when the mint really starts spilling over.

  4. My skinny garden: Well, this planter is actually bigger than a pot so the mint will have lots of room to spread.

    Leslie: That is too much for plastic… and to be honest I felt 5 bucks was a bit steep but I think worth it. The remaining 5-ish bucks was the cost of plants and soil.

    Sarah: It’s true. Scary. I dream of finding one of those big, old prams for real babies. Now, that would make a good planter!

  5. i love it!

    if you wanted to go that way, a disembodied doll head with one eye missing would make it even creepier. ;^)

  6. Hi Gayla, I just picked up your book and absolutely love it! It’s so entertaining to read and you’ve got such great info in it. I love your creative ideas … just like planting mint in cool dolly buggies ! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Great idea! I found my vintage doll carriage at out local thrift store for $4 years ago and have wanted do something fun with it. Thank you for your wonderful ideas!

  8. But what will you do with all this mint? It’s beautiful, and looks great in the buggy, but do you eat it? Make tea?

  9. Awesome! What a great idea. I love how many different varities of mint there are. My favourite at the moment is chocolate mint, which makes a yum-scrum tea, and smells good on our balcony as well.

    Are you keeping it on your roof? How big is your roof? You seem to grow so much on there! My little balcony just does not compare!

  10. Imagine the eccentric lady-neighbour, pushing around her buggy and straw, calling out ‘baby needs to get some air!’ to onlookers.

    Too hilarious, I’m still chuckling at the thought! Thank you for a great laugh.

  11. I love Lori’s idea. Plant a few scary barbie heads that have been massacred with hair cuts and marker “make-up” in there – peeking through the gnarly mint.

    I think I even have a few barbies for you…

  12. Yes, a slightly creepy vibe, but in a good way. The great turquoise color and the promise of loads of mint all summer more than compensates! And if you go with the disembodied doll’s heads, you’ve got a scarecrow for the garden also!

  13. yeah, definitely a baby doll foot or hand emerging from the soil would be the perfect finishing touch!

  14. I love planting in non-planters, and what a good way to keep mint from taking over. I was on a walk yesterday and saw that someone had planted an upright piano with cacti and a tomato plant. I have to go take a picture of that!

  15. This is clear proof that creativity rulezz!

    Garden can only benefit form that.
    This vintage doll buggy is sweet.

  16. My mom has always used unique things to plant in which sometimes I thought was strange but at the same time it is a creative way to reuse! She has a baby crib that has been used for a planter and actually looks quite good! As Sara asked, what do you do with all the mint?

  17. Cute planter. I use everything and anything to plant in. My motto is if you can put holes for drainage it’s a planter.I am currently using a birdbath for succulents.I filled it with rocks and placed the succulents with a little dirt on top.I’m in Texas and we’re expecting 106 today I think they will survive.:)

  18. Cute planter. I use everything and anything to plant in. My motto is if you can put holes for drainage it’s a planter.I am currently using a birdbath for succulents.I filled it with rocks and placed the succulents with a little dirt on top.I’m in Texas and we’re expecting 106 today I think they will survive.:)

  19. I love to see old Gendron products and the colour of this baby cariage is wonderful. My husband’s family owned the McFarlane Gendron Manufacturing Company with factories in Toronto and Belleville from the 1930′s to the 1970′s. The mint looks terrific. Wonderful recycling.

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