Sinningia ‘Kevin Garnet’ Update

Back in September I wrote about sinningia, an African violet relative with an unusual tuber that grows above the soil. At the time my plant was in full bloom. It is now going into dormancy and has been losing leaves. The photo above is what it looked like yesterday in its current home underneath lights in my basement. [Please note that the leaves are green. They look yellowy/red because of the back light coming from fluorescents.]

I was prompted to write about the plant because I received an email this week from Tim Tuttle, the person who created the hybrid I am growing, ‘Kevin Garnet.’ A few of you asked if the plant was named for the pro basketball player of the same name. Well, Tim has answered. Here’s what he had to say:

I had to laugh about the comments about the name being in honor of the basketball player. It is NOT named for the basketball player, but rather for my nephew who happens to have the same name. I made this hybrid about ten years ago and named it in honor of my older nephew Kevin.

If you’re interested in learning more about less common Gesneriads (African violet relatives), Tim keeps a blog called A Passion for Petrocosmea, the focus of which is on this peculiar genus. I find the conditions in my home are too dry to grow them well — my single attempt to keep one failed miserably and I have shifted away from most humidity-loving plants as a result. More room for succulents! Still, I find Petrocosmea incredibly fascinating as many of them grow in an almost unreal, nearly-perfect, circular form. They’d make an interesting step forward if you have a lot of success with African violets. I only wish I’d tried them when I had better growing conditions.

Gayla Trail
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3 thoughts on “Sinningia ‘Kevin Garnet’ Update

  1. I think it’s cool that he found the post and found it funny we were wondering about the name of the plant. But I’m kinda disappointed it isn’t named after the basketball player. I mean, we have plants names after movie stars, singers, and pop culture experiences many of us share. I don’t even follow sports, but maybe it would be cool to one day break the awkward silence with my brother by saying, “Did you know there’s a plant named after Kevin Garnet?” Then we could go back to sitting in silence.

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