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6 thoughts on “Senecio articulatus f ‘Globosa’

  1. this is very interesting. i have the Senecio that just produces strings ov green beads with a wee window down the side ov each bead. not flowered yet but has grown about 200 beads in 1 year!! Senecio is such a lovely family ov plants from the large woolly leaved version with the hoodded flowers right down to my beady one… lovely.

  2. My goodness! That looks very much like my mystery plant! Only, mine has long stems which only occasionally divide like that, in larger segments. Does it have an almost peppery smell?

  3. It’s the fresh leaves (or maybe the stem) that smells when broken off. I did a search, and it seems it is indeed a Senecio articulatus that I have, just not the ‘Globosa’. :)

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