Seedy Saturday Haul 2009

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Well, another Seedy Saturday has come and gone. And really, I could just cut and paste last year’s post, or the one before that, or the one before that, because frankly, it’s pretty much the same for me every year. I start out with good intentions. But it’s busy from the moment I arrive and there is no time for me to go about shopping at the other tables. I never have a list except the one that is in my head. The crowds are too thick. I give up.

This year’s event was in a new (and gorgeous) location and the crowds were bigger than ever! Growing your own food is taking off like gangbusters!

Unfortunately, I came back with some kind of virus and have been holed up since Saturday dying a slow death. Boo.

Fortunately, I managed to scavenge a few packs of this and that at the event although most were from Sorellina (the Queen of Tomatoes), and they are primarily determinate (bush) tomatoes. I am always looking to try as many determinates as I can in pots every season. I scored so many this year, it will be a struggle to find space for them all, but I will have fun trying. Some of the varieties sound really exciting!

  • Tomato ‘Yellow Pygmy’ – A very small, yellow, determinate.
  • Tomato ‘Pink Ping Pong’ – I got this from Sorellina because I thought it was on my list but it was actually just something I recently saw and not on my list.
  • Tomato ‘Koralik’ – Red cherry, determinate.
  • Tomato ‘Czech’s Bush’ – I’ve grown this one for a couple of years now. It’s one of my favourites in containers and very reliable. Short and stocky plants with mid-sized, red fruit.
  • Tomato ‘Mountain Princess Dwarf’ – Pink salad tomatoes. I figure the name could work to get princess-crazed girls into gardening.
  • Tomato ‘Dwarf Medium Ruffled Pink Oblate’ – Ruffled tomatoes on a dwarf plant — I’m in!
  • Cucumber ‘Crystal Apple’ – This was a freebee from the woman who own the seed company, Cubit’s Organics. I have not grown this variety since it so closely resembles my beloved, ‘Lemon’. Now that I have these seeds I will give it a try.
  • Carrot ‘Purple Haze’ – This was a trade. I’ve been growing this variety on and off for years and figured I can never have too many seeds.
  • Radish ‘Red Meat/Watermelon’ – I tried these for the first time last year and they are fantastic! Dark on the outside, hot pink on the inside, and surprisingly tender and delicious.
  • Radish ‘China Rose’ – A winter radish with an elongated shape and a bright rosy exterior.
  • Spinach ‘Bloomsdale’ – I don’t often grow spinach but figured I might this year. ‘Bloomsdale’ is a good container option.
  • Lettuce ‘Sierra’ – One of only two items that was actually on the original list. ‘Sierra’ is a beautiful, heat tolerant, Batavia (looseleaf meets crisphead) variety with green leaves and burgundy tips.
  • Lettuce ‘Sunset’ – And this is the other original list item. It’s a slow-bolting looseleaf variety with gorgeous, deep red foliage.

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7 thoughts on “Seedy Saturday Haul 2009

  1. I tried the watermelon radish last year. Do you put yours in in spring? The package I have said they are best for fall, but I must have put them in too late.

    Jody in PA

  2. I’m jealous. I wish we had something like that here in Chicago. The closest thing I’ve found similar to this was an event run by a crazy person on an ego trip.

    Looking forward to pics of the Tomato ‘Dwarf Medium Ruffled Pink Oblate.’

  3. Yeah, as far as I know we don’t have anything like this event in my city either. We do have a Home and Garden Show which starts tomorrow and I will be attending only for the second time ever. The first time I was dragged kicking and screaming many years ago by my girlfriend at the time. This year I am so excited to go with a new fresh set of eyes and a new perspective. Mmmmm…I wonder if I can talk my County Extension Office to host a seed exchange event…

  4. Ciao Gayla-

    Yellow Pygme is a Munchkin misspelling of ‘Yellow Pygmy’, just so you know.

    The Dwarf Medium Ruffled Oblate tomato is ‘Dwarf Recessive’. Recessive refers to the fact that this guy is Potato-Leafed. I forgot to mention that.

    Yellow Pygmy is also sort of Potato-Leafed. I say ‘sort of’ because the leaves are a bit rounded, but the margins are smooth. You’ll see what I mean when you grow it.

    Koralik is really sweet, like tomato candy really. It’s also one of the only short cherries out there.

    I hope you got your good-bye hugs from Jay. We looked for you but you were off scampering on one of your only escapes from the booth!

    I was still recovering yesterday from the madness, so with you being immuno-suppressed from the start, it’s no wonder you succumbed to a bug. I hope Davin is pampering you.


  5. Jody in PA: They’re a much bigger radish than your typical ‘Cherry Belle’ so they need a bit more time to grow. They’re also less heat tolerant. You can sow in early spring or fall although this type is often billed as a late season crop. If you go for spring get them started early.

    MrBrownThumb and David: It saddens me that y’all don’t have this all around the U.S.

    Sorellina: I should have caught that… but sick brain is not functioning well. It will be interesting to try them all out, although I am most interested in ‘Dwarf Medium Ruffled Pink Oblate’… I wonder if I will ever be able to remember such a long name? Thanks so much for everything!

  6. If it’s any consolation, you looked FINE, from what I could see. I know I said I wasn’t going (I’m Jewish and not supposed to do that kind of stuff on Saturdays), but I walked down and snuck in with no money just to take a peek around. “It’s better to look good than to feel good… and you looked mah-vellous!!!”

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