Seedy Saturday 2007

Another Seedy Saturday has come and gone and as usual I went in with big ideas but didn’t quite make it to all the booths. However, this year I can proudly say that I made a list and mostly stuck to it! What’s more, most of my items were trades — a staggering four packs were purchases! Making a list and planning really does make a difference. Who knew?

Seedy Saturday 2007

Here’s a list of what I did get. Of course, you should see the number of items that remain on the list. Scary!

  • Calendula ‘Triangle Flashback’ – An acid reference if I ever heard one (not really but I like to pretend).
  • Cucumber ‘Mini White’
  • Romaine Lettuce ‘Forellenschluss’
  • Bush Beans ‘Dragon’s Tongue’
  • Pepper Cress
  • PEI Wild Roses – From Lorraine Johnson
  • Nicotiana ‘Aztec’ – The trader was unsure about this variety. I am partial to height in nicotiana and find the short varieties to be kind of underwhelming. However I was won over by the promise of jasmine-like fragrance. Turns out this plant grows to around 3 feet tall which makes it a keeper!
  • Pole Bean ‘Violet Trionfo’ – Confusing because I have known these as ‘Trionfo Violetto’ but… okay I’ll go with it.
  • West Indian Gherkin
  • Tomato ‘Whipper Snapper’
  • Tomato ‘Sophie’s Choice’
  • Tomato ‘Mirabelle Multiflora’ – These last three were from forum member, “Sorellina.” Her little boy is quite a gardener in the making, impressing me with a very convincing and sophisticated critique of ‘Whipper Snapper.’
  • Radish ‘Cherry Belle’
  • Cilantro – Sure it self-seeds in the garden but since I’m one of those genetically predisposed to liking it I find I can never turn down a free pack of seeds.
  • Bush Bean ‘Trail of Tears’ – I know these as ‘Cherokee Trail of Tears’ but again… lazy naming or confusion?
  • Lettuce ‘Lolla Rossa’ – Have also seen this called "Lollo Rossa" however ‘Lolla" has stuck.
Seedy Saturday 2007
    Here I am at our table wearing our newest t-shirt design, “Aphids Suck.”

See last year’s event here.

Gayla Trail
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7 thoughts on “Seedy Saturday 2007

  1. I’m sorry I missed this event. I wouldn’t have been able to resist buying an “Aphids Suck” t-shirt. Looking forward to seeing your dragon’s tongue beans. Are they the ones you were telling me about with the variegated leaves?

  2. Have you started your tomatoes yet? What varieties are you planning to grow. Any interest in sharing varieties. I’m about to start mine but with limited space on my windowsill I can’t start as many as I would like!

  3. I have just started them. Sadly that is the reality of starting seeds with limited space. I have the same problem. Get a light if you can… you can put a light anywhere expand your space options.

  4. So far I have started:

    Black Pear
    Broad Ripple Yellow Currant
    Sophie’s Choice
    Mirabelle Multiflora
    Black Seaman
    Zapotec Pink Pleated

    This is by no means my complete list. I have a few more seeds coming by mail and I get the bulk of my tomatoes as transplants from someone here in Toronto since I only need one or two at most of any variety.

    Most of the seeds I started are determinant varieties (save three) that I can’t get as transplants. If you do a search on heirloom tomatoes on this site (top right column) you should find at least a few reviews of varieties I have tried.

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