Seeds Into Seedlings Into Plants (Plus Giveaway)

Info on how to enter the giveaway follows.

And so it begins. Every spring I compile lists of posts about seed starting, but this year I’ve decided to create a permanent page dedicated to everything seed starting that you can find anytime you need it by clicking over to the Resources section. I am slowly rebuilding the Resources and will add more permanent, topical, how-to garden resource pages as I go.

On a personal note, I bought my first two packs of seed the other day; more impulse buys from my local Italian grocer. I could not resist another big packet of Spigarello (you must grow this) because friends are always asking about it. I also purchased a long day (better for Northern gardeners), Italian red onion I have never grown before called ‘Rossa di Toscana’ as the time to start onion seed is quickly approaching.

I’ve been very fortunate to move into a neighbourhood where a wealth of Italian heirloom vegetable seeds are easily accessible so I thought I’d do a giveaway of five packs of my favourites to get the season started.

Giveaway: All you have to do to enter is tell us what you are planning to start from seed. (If you are feeling shy simply go ahead and write “Count me in” instead and you’ll be entered.)

One winner will be drawn randomly after entries close at midnight on Monday, January 28, 2013 and informed by email. I will draw a second winner from the newsletter list so you double your chances if you head over there and sign up.

Please note: Unfortunately, due to restrictions, I can only send seeds to an address in Canada and the Continental US.

Gayla Trail
Gayla is a writer, photographer, and former graphic designer with a background in the Fine Arts, cultural criticism, and ecology. She is the author, photographer, and designer of best-selling books on gardening, cooking, and preserving.

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269 thoughts on “Seeds Into Seedlings Into Plants (Plus Giveaway)

  1. I’m not sure if I’ll be starting seeds for transplant this year. I’m hoping to buy a house soon, ideally closing in May so I can be out of my rental place by May 31. A couple weeks of overlap would be nice, so I can move in an orderly fashion.

    Once in the new house I’ll have to assess the situation and then decide if I plant seeds outdoors immediately, or if I abandon the garden for 2013 and instead build a good base for a stellar 2014 garden. I’m somewhat of a perfectionist, so I cannot just plant all willy-nilly wherever there is space. I have plan it all out carefully.

    That said, it is likely that I will do some late summer seeds for fall harvest – peas, greens, perhaps some romanesco (which I’ve been wanting to try) and of course I really hope to get garlic planted by fall for next year.

    But…come 2014, the tomato fever will be in earnest, as I have about 35 varieties I’d like to start, and hope to keep at least 24 of them.

  2. I am planning on starting romanesco, runner beans, collards, and calendula. Wish I had better luck with onions.

  3. Count me in. I discovered your website last summer and am discovering new things. I grow a garden in Calgary (Zone 3) and admire the variety of things that you grow.

  4. Our garden will be severely simplified this year due to an expected new arrival in the family right in the middle of summer. Past years I have started many tomatoes, flowers, etc inside, this year, zero. Yes, it’s very sad. But u will be back with gusto next year. In the beds outside I will direct seed carrots, kohlrabi, greens, peas, beans and probably a whole bunch more. I looking for seed that does well in a cold short season.

  5. I’ll be starting some annuals from seed this year in addition to our veggies! Typically a few variety of tomatoes, summer squashes and beans are started from seed; I’m curious about this spigarello you speak of–a great something to try!

  6. Count me in! I’ve started my first tray of seedlings this weekend (probably a little early, but i just can’t help it!)

    • Oups! Forgot to add what i’ve started – some basil and herbs, little things i can keep in pots to make me thing of spring along with a few hyacinth & tulip bulbs i’d stashed away in the fall in the basement for that extra blast of spring on -27C days :)

  7. What am I _not_ starting from seed is the question! So far I have eight kinds of tomatoes, patty pan squash, 8-ball zucchini, romano pole beans (both green & gold), zinnias, snapdragons, basil, scallions, hot cherry peppers, cosmos, sweet peas, dianthus and cucuzzi if I can find seed.

  8. Onions, some tomatoes and some peppers (mostly HOT!) from seed first. I was going to buy tomato seedlings this year, but the seed catalogues have got me. Later I am planning on doing lettuce for heads, and lots of herbs. Can’t wait!

  9. This year we’ll be starting… well, there were those lettuce and spinach seeds I sprinkled all over before the first snow fall that seem to live through everything (so count those in!)… and usually an impulse start of a bunch of impractical things, mostly flowers to stick between the veggies. And marigolds, they are a must. my grandmother used to LOVE them, so I keep them around to remind me of her, but also because the skunks in my neighborhood really do HATE them and wont step over one to get to the good stuff in the garden. the bunnies aren’t too into them so will seek out an unprotected garden at the neighbors. count me in, though! dreaming of my garden is what gets me through the winters!

    oh, and there are TOO many fall planted bulbs in cold storage right for the before-spring forcing that i’m trying out for fun this year. a wonderful bi-product of purchasing too many bulbs on clearance at the end of the season!

  10. I’m thinking spring and have been making my list of things to grow from seed … beans, Scarlet runner beans, peas, carrots, calendula, zinnias, cosmos, ruby hyacinth bean vine, and more.
    Count me in for the give away. Can’t wait to get my fingers in the dirt :)

  11. I don’t have a lot of room, so probably just tomato and pepper starts. Fish Pepper, Serrano, and Cal Wonder for the peppers. Green Grape, Bloody Butcher,Emmy, and Silver Fir for the tomatoes!

  12. I went through my seeds from last year and have my staples of cherry tomatoes for containers (gold nugget, black cherry, yellow pear), but this is my second year with a backyard so I want to branch out more. Pole beans, zucchini, and maybe even a kabocha.

  13. All my veggies and some of my flowers are started by me from seed. There is nothing better than growing food from seeds that you have saved yourself. I love it. I’m getting ready to start some leeks and peppers indoors.

  14. I am planning on starting tomatoes, including Hahms Gelbe Topftomate, several types of basil, swiss chard, marigolds, and cucumbers. This year I am planning on scaling back tomatoes and leaving more room for other things like beets and kale!

  15. I think I will start from seed the following this year: yellow beans, carrots, romaine lettuce, and tomatoes.

  16. I want to start some new herbs from seed, I’m even thinking of tackling a couple of difficult ones this year. I really want to grow greens this spring and snap peas too– I’d start those from seed.

  17. Just direct sowed lettuce into the garden (I’m in So. California, so there’s really no excuse for not having done this months ago) as well as Chard and Russian Red Kale. Will be starting Tomatoes soonish when the weather warms up just a bit more.

  18. I’m going to try starting seeds indoors this year. (Good luck to me!) Let’s see… I have lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, zucchini, columbine. Not sure if I should start radishes or carrots indoors. If not, I will direct sow those straight into the garden later this year. Thank you for the opportunity!

  19. Count me in!

    This year, I’ll be supporting a new local business, Indie-Farms, to “coach me” on how to set up my hobby greenhouse to be a Seed-Starting Factory! I’ll be planting TONS of tomatoes, zucchinis, squashes, peppers and melons.

    I fully expect to “start” more than I can possibly plant in my yard, so I anticipate that I will be REALLY popular with gardening neighbors and friends!

    The fun part will be figuring out “when” to rip out my cool-season veggies so I can transplant my summer stuff! All of my raised beds are chock-full of brassicas right now.

    Ahh, the challenges of living someplace where you can garden almost year-round, right?! ;-)

  20. I’m just going to be doing outdoor seeds (i.e. ones I can just throw on the ground) this year for a variety of reasons. This will be my first year in a while where I haven’t started seeds in January.

  21. I am going to attempt to start a few varieties of tomatoes and beans indoors as well as try to start arugula, spinach, and some other leafy greens outside in spring. Sadly every year there is some disaster with my seedlings and I end up getting a bunch of transplants. So, I will be happy with just getting one plant I started from seed into the ground this year.

  22. I saved a lot of seed from last year… but my first impulse buys this year were Peanuts (always wanted to try growing them), Fenugreek and Parsnip seeds. I always like to try new things, so the same seller also had an Indian Tobacco with edible berries (Arctostaphylos uva ursi Kinnikinnick). Other than those impulse buys, from last year I have several varieties of tomatoes, spinach, pumpkins, radishes, onion, potatoes, basil and a variety of beans. Looking forward to getting things started! Last year I purchased a warming mat and start my seeds in peat cups on the warmer. I need to pick up a fluorescent light bank to sit over them so I can get a good start on everything indoors.

  23. Last year was the very first year that I started anything
    from seed, and I loved it! I’m going to start marconi peppers and white cucumbers this year. Salvaged all the leftover growing kits from the basement and I’m ready to get started!

  24. I am going to start tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers for sure. I hope to grow pretty much everything for salsa that I can.

  25. I’m planning on starting tomatoes (been saving 2L milk cartons to pot them up in), hot peppers (certain varieties are hard to come by in Newfoundland), and onions (need to use up some seeds).

  26. Count me in! Spigarello sounds awesome! I grow a little bit of everything from seed. I’m getting ready to start my onions and an early crop of salad greens soon.

  27. Have some cone flowers that I didn’t remember to plant in time this past fall—want to get them in the ground asap, but confused as to when I should, (climate zone Baltimore). Then some cosmos in the same area, since , as I understand it, the cone flowers probably won’t bloom the 1st year.
    Saved some, (lots) of marigold seeds from last summer, want to sow them also. Oh–and saved some seeds from a blue/black basil, those also.

  28. Last week I received a nearly all of my seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company. I still have to get asparagus, potatoes, and onions … but then I think I’ll have it covered.

    I’ve got my area cleared in the basement to start a variety of squashes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cabbage, sunflower, amaranth.

    I’ve got cabin fever bad!

  29. What I’m starting from seed. . . Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, hibiscus, onions, peas, basil (always! Summer isn’t summer without it), etc. . . For some reason, this year, I especially can’t wait for beans. I know they’re so simple, but they’re so wonderful. What I’m about to go do now, though, is start a little tray of microgreens. Maybe that will calm my fever a little. . .

  30. I am excited to start a new tomato variety called Pink Berkeley Tie Dye and represent my hippy East Bay hometown roots! I’ll also start Yellow Pear tomatoes and others in addition to carrots, lettu

  31. I start almost everything from seed. This year I’m restricting my seed purchase to some flour corn (new to my garden). The rest of my gardens (edible & ornamental) will be grown out from the 300+ packages in my seed stash. Many packages are small (from swaps) or have only a few seeds left, but I’ve concluded that between them I should be able to grow my usual “almost everything” vegetable garden, and lots of pretty flowers and herbs. Plus, if I manage to use everything up, just think of the dream seed catalogue orders I can make in 2014!

    I will probably buy some onion sets. Not too many if my flats of several years old onion seeds germinate well, more if not. But that will be about it for the non-seed started plants. Maybe some rhubarb transplants if I can get some from a friend.

    I’m quite curious to grow out two tomatoes I received in a swap, which have little history or documentation (at least from what I can find on the Internet.) ‘Lancia’ and ‘Plum Fryer’ will get started along with the other tomatoes in a couple months.

  32. Most of what I plant is directly sown outside with the exception of tomatoes (and those are started from seed inside but I confess that I just steal a few plants from the 100s my dad starts every year). Outside it’s lettuce, dill, snap peas, cucumbers, squash, basil and parsley– all the things I would otherwise be buying in the store at a substantially higher price.
    I’m trying to look at the entire process as a series of mini-seasons so that I allocate the correct amount of time and space for what I want to grow from seed. As someone gardening in upstate NY, my growing season is limited and planning ahead helps me be able to grow what I want in the time I have available.

  33. I container garden on my front and back balconies and I went overboard last year and planted EVERYTHING that looked good in the seed catalogue. This year I’m trying to be more restrained, so i’m going to try to stick to runner beans, green onions, tomatoes (mostly dwarf varieties), chilies, kale, peas, ground cherries and a whole heap of herbs, calendula and nasturtiums.

  34. I would like to try and start some different tomato varieties as well as some winter squash! Oh! And mixed greens for our salad bin!

  35. This year the only plants I’m planning on buying are some onion starts and one black current bush. Otherwise, everything will be started from seeds: tomatoes, ground cherries, eggplants, peppers, cucumbers, summer squash, bush beans, peas, kale, radicchio, some Chinese cabbage, radishes, lots of greens, herbs, strawberries, and probably many more :)

  36. This year I’m doing an entirely from seed garden. I haven’t been gardening very long and it’s a tiny garden so I usually just buy little seedlings but this year I wanted heirloom varieties and I wanted more choices than my local nursery could provide so I researched and collected heirloom seeds I wanted to try. Right now, I have lettuce and basil going under the grow lights and pretty soon I’ll be started the wealth of spring and summer vegetables and even a few flowers. I’m so excited to see how this turns out!

  37. This year apart from the usual (tomatoes, chili peppers, cucumber, parsley, etc), I’ll try to start lemongrass and sweet tamarind from seeds :-).

  38. Everything I can! Onions, lettuce, herbs, carrots, tomatoes & peppers to name a few. I just need to figure out where to put all the trays of seedlings. :-D

  39. I’m excited as this is my second year of gardening, so I have all my experience from the last year to build upon! I’m going to be starting a bunch of seeds shortly: various lettuces, spinach, arugula, sungold tomatoes, a purple cherry tomato, flowers like zinnias, dahlias, cosmos, and marigolds, and peas, plus much more. The hardest part will be finding space!

  40. Black Tula tomatoes, Roma Tomatoes, Tabasco Peppers, Fish Peppers, White Cucumbers, Sesame plants, oregano, lemongrass, Zataar oregano, basil, cilantro, dill, and whatever I have leftover from last year.

  41. I’m starting strawberries, a bunch of different flowers for my planned ‘chocolate garden,’ and asparagus by seed ASAP. Will then follow those with tomatoes, peppers and squash, etc.

  42. Count me in! I will try planting carrots and beets from seed again this year. I planted them last spring and it was not a successful harvest — might need a larger container so the seeds can be spaced further apart. I did have luck with a grape tomato plant that grew to a spectacular height and produced through December! Would also like to try some heirloom tomatoes, spinach, squash, garlic, peppers and potatoes. Every year I plant Morning Glory and scarlet runner pole beans from saved seeds along the balcony trellis (the hummingbirds love the flowers) as well as tons of basil.

  43. Count me in!
    Last year I started canteloupes and sunflowers from seeds and I’m planning on doing it again! I also hope to try romanesco and zucchini this year!

  44. I try to grow everything from seed, (mostly veggies and herbs) and have a whole shoebox of seed packs organized according to planting dates, and ready to go! I love to try new plants each year also.

    You mentioned Shiso in a couple of your books, so I ordered some of those, and they just arrived. Also arrived and already planted, seeds for Princess trees- apparently the fastest growing tree in the world, and it can be kept in pots!

  45. the seeds currently sitting on the coffee table:

    Miragreen Pea
    Jade Bush Bean
    Giant Cantaloupe
    Little Cantaloupe
    Argonaut Winter Squash
    Sweet Pepper Tangerine
    Touchon Carrot
    Luffa Vine
    Spaghetti squash
    Several Zucchini varieties

    Good times.

  46. Yes that itch to start some seeds has already struck at my house! Yesterday we started Thompson Broccoli, 2 varieties of purple cauliflower, inside under grow lights. Outside we direct seeded, carrots, mixed asian greens and turnips.
    We live in a fairly mild climate, so everything should do fine.

  47. I love seed-starting time! So great to just start over. So exciting to decide between all the choices. I vowed that if I didn’t start any other seeds this year, that I would have to do some Honeywort. I tried it several years ago and have been eager to try it again. Somehow Valerian, Calendula, Chinese Cabbage, Salad Burnet, Celery, Chamomile, Fritillaria meleagris, Italian Dandelion, Indian Grass, and many others have already made the first cut too! I’m now vowing to bite off way more than I can chew.

  48. Hello, Italian Heirloom sounds so juicy and delicious on this bitter January night! Last year I secured enough grant money to have four raised beds installed a la the Backyard Urban Farm Company. Here at the Island Natural Science school we host close to 5000 inner city students and give them a taste on the natural world, and a garden of their own creation. All our crops are organic and heirloom. Last year it was Black Beauty Eggplants, Dinosaur and Russian Kale, Royal Purple Bush Beans, Bulls Blood Beets, Rainbow Chard, Solar Yellow and Cosmic Purple Carrots, Sugar Pie Pumpkins, Russian Blue potatoes, Mammoth Sugar Snow Peas, Golden Nugget Cherry tomatoes and more.

    The students this fall sampled an amazing array of fresh produce each day (we were still harvesting kale up until the deep freeze this week!)

    Please enter our program in your draw so that we may try out some Italian varieties!

    Thanks, Amy

  49. I always start tomatoes from seed! And beans! and hopefully I will get around to starting flowers from seed this year, too..

  50. This year, I’m starting tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchinis from seeds. I had pretty good luck with tomatoes last year and want to do even better this year. I love starting seeds in march, when it’s still freezing outside and I need a little bit of green foliage to keep me going.

  51. Ohhh, fun. We’re starting onions, tomatoes (including some we bought from you last year), peppers, herbs, broccoli, cauliflower, squashes…there must be something I’m forgetting. Love seed starting, its the only thing that gets me through the dreary end of winter.

  52. Oh where to start. (Ha!)
    I start just about all my plants from seed. On the list for this year:
    Onions (shallots, scallions, red onions)
    Garlic (does that count? They’re already in the ground)
    Corn, Beans and Squash
    Carrots, Parsnips, Beets
    Tomatoes galore
    Peppers (Cayenne, Cajun Belle, Jalapeno)
    Melons (Blacktail Mountain Watermelon, and a muskmelon – still undecided as to variety)
    Kale, Chard, Spinach and maybe Collards
    Lettuces everywhere
    Likewise herbs, everywhere!

  53. I always do peas, zinnias, Swiss chard, beets, lettuce, spinach, fennel, basil, green beans, and arugula from seed. Can’t wait to get planting!

  54. Starting San Marzano tomatoes this year since we plan on growing a bunch for pizza sauce. And trying some Pak Choy too this year. Also, considering salad greens to take advantage of their tolerance to cooler temps.

  55. I already have seedlings of several cabbage varieties, broccoli, kale and some heirloom flowers growing in my basement. I’ll be adding more as the season nears.

  56. I’m going to experiment with some tomato seeds I saved from organic heirloom tomatoes I bought last summer. Also lots of beans and leafy stuff like lettuce and spinach. Cucumbers! Though this time I need advice on actually getting cucumbers and not just pretty yellow flowers.

  57. It’s too hard to choose. Last year I grey 15 kinds of tomatoes. That will happen again. I definitely want to get some loofah going too. Plus peppers and more peppers. In fact,I have some hot Calabrian pepper seeds from a friend from Italy. That I can’t wait to grow. And greens and herbs and melons oh my!

  58. I pretty much start everything from seed, unless something dies and I don’t have time to grow more. Tomatoes, cukes, squash, corn… you name it. I have yet to try kale this year… I think it’s probably the ideal Saskatchewan veg since it withstands frost which we seem to get no end of.

  59. We will be starting various varieties of heirloom seeds… lettuce(3), cauliflower(2), broccoli, tomatoes(4), bush beans(3), onions(3), spinach, lemon cukes(2), squash(3), greens(4), radishes(2), beets, carrots(3) and green beans(2). This will be our first year planting only heirloom seeds!

  60. I love broccoli and those leaves on the Spigarello look divine! I have quite a few things I’m going to try this year from seed, including 3 plants I’ll be trying stratification for the first time – wish me luck!
    Stratified = Hops, Seabuckthorn, Wintergreen
    Flowers = Calendula, Autumn Beauty Sunflower, Sweet William, Cornflower, Love-in-a-Mist
    Veggies = Tom Thumb Pea (first heard of them here and love them!), Edamame, Dragons Tongue Bean, Scarlet Runner, Mesclun, Nero Di Toscana Kale, Yellow Patty Pan, Costata Romanesco Zucchini, Jersey Giant Paste Tomato, Giant Cape Gooseberry and Tomatillo

  61. Count me in! I’m in Calgary, so the cold nights here and the blue light limit much big growth, but this year I’m planning on starting tomatoes from seed again, and all accompanying flowerthings like calendula, marigold, nasturtium too. I hope to start herbs in pots this year instead of transplanted straight into the ground as I usually do, so that I can take them in and back to the grow lights in the fall so as to have a fresh array of goodies to pluck at when making food. Nothing like fresh herbs.

  62. This is my first year going all out on seed starting indoors. I usually start mostly outdoors. I have collected up tons of amazing heirlooms seeds and rare ones to boot. I have SOOO many different kinds that I have never grown before that I picked up at the National Heirloom Expo last year. Im so giddy excited watching each one pop up and reach for the light.. Here are some of what I have growing right now.
    Naranjilla Garden berry,Goosebery Gourd, Tenesse Spinners, Tomato Reisetomate, Strawberry Spinach, Jelly Melon, Black Sea Man, Chinese Lantern, Starlight Sensation, Calabrese, Bhut Jolokia, Tequila Sunrise, Mayo Bule warty, Love in a Mist, Ramson to name a few lol

  63. We have started Lettuce and spinach And Swiss chard and ornamental grasses and geraniums and snow in summer. All under lights
    I plan to start pansies and vinca tomorrow
    We grow all our vegetables from seed and I’ll be starting them in a few weeks

  64. LOTS of annual flowers: zinnias, cosmos, nicotiana, snapdragons, celosia, sunflowers, etc. Fewer veggies than last year because I need room for the flowers: peas, bush beans, pumpkin, lettuce mixes.


  65. I have an ache like most other gardeners! Just to feel the soil. Cant wait. I haven’t decided what to grow quite yet, but I’m thinking 2013 wil be a great growing year. Welcome back to “You Grow Girl” I recall following years ago and enjoying the format then, as I’m sure we will continue to reap all of your knowledge!! Grow On!

  66. I am starting catnip and tomatoes( heirloom zebra seeds I received from a friend). I live in a small apartment with two cats that love seedlings :(

  67. I guess the real question is what WON’T I be starting from seed this year. I plan on doing potatoes, tomatoes (black cherry, wild, and reisetomate), zucchini, mache, various herbs, green onions, chickpeas, soybeans, and I honestly can’t remember what else I have seeds for right now. And I am not going into the garage to look, it is too cold! The garlic is already in. Hurrah! Thanks for the giveaway! How exciting!

  68. Alpine strawberries! Have you ever grown them? It was incredible last year to see those tiny flea-sized seeds produce big, healthy plants! I could hardly believe it. I’m in NC and we had a little snow last week which I’m hoping the strawberries liked. I grow everything else in the garden from seed but last year my tomatoes didn’t turn out so great so I’ll probably supplement with some plants from the farmer’s market.

  69. Everything from seed! Sugar Snap peas, leeks, kale, cauliflower and peppers. Of course tomatoes– they don’t want to grow in Berkeley but I try and try and try.

  70. Kale, kale, kale and chard. Each year I seem to grow more. I also start large patches of basil right in the garden from seed. More freezer pesto for me please! Each year I try to grow something new. I will try starting a few things in a makeshift cold frame this year. I still need to invest in some type of lighting. I need it for tomatoes. I saved lots of heirloom tomato seeds last year.

  71. I had a lot of success with cucumbers and squash grown from seeds last year so I will do those again and add some varieties of tomatoes, onions and pole beans. I am trying my best to not start anything too soon but it’s hard to wait!

  72. I start almost everything (edible) from seed. There will definitely be lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and squash.

    I’ve had less success starting flowers from seed, but give it a try each year.

  73. Count me in. I am a novice at starting from seeds; I usually buy starter plants from our Master Gardener Plant Sale in Kalamazoo and other sources; have had some interesting volunteers in my raised bed garden, like moon flowers, and poppies!

  74. I will be trying out some new hot peppers this year. I’ve tried peppers in the past with little success, but with the addition of a little greenhouse this year, I am looking forward to results!

  75. Me and my kids plant sunflowers every year. I have some snow peas, pumpkin and cucumber seeds left from last year that I’ll use. But I’d like to try some spinach and tomatoes this year, too!

  76. Count me in! I love your website, and it has inspired me to start my very own little garden! Thanks so much for opening my eyes! In Nature is Power.

  77. I’m starting everything this year, but my okra is going in extra early. It was desperately trying to produce well into frost last year.

  78. I’ll start just about everything from seed — probably around 40 varieties of vegetables &herbs, a few edible flowers, and this year I’m trying a few plants for pollinators like milkweed.

  79. I am planting zuchetta trombolino, yellow pear tomatoes, scarlet runner beans, carrots, lemon cukes, kohlrabi and eggplant from seeds. Everything else I will pick up at the local co-op. Can’t wait!

  80. I start most everything in my veggie garden from seed. The usual stuff like tomatoes, peppers and squash, but always an experiment or two. Last year was a tiny patch of oats, this year will probably be sorghum and amaranth.

  81. I just put in a huge seed order for my kitchen garden — 7 different tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, carrots, leafy greens, sweet and hot peppers, and a couple herbs. In the past I’ve only grown leafy greens from seed and bought others as transplants. But this year I want a bigger garden!

  82. Kale and spinach. My real challange this year is setting up a decent container garden, as I lost my raised bed gardening space.

  83. Once again, I’m out of control. Not enough room and too many seeds. But I will start again this year – Climbing Spinach “Basella Rubra Malabar/Ceylon Spinach” – neat climbing plant, purple flowers, yummy leaves. New ones I’m trying are: “Rat-Tailed Radish”, “Drunken Woman Frizzy Headed Lettuce”, “Tomato Red Robin” and “Pepper Redskin”.

  84. Woo!
    So far, we plan to start tomatoes, peppers, tomatillos, pumpkins, rosemary, basil, thyme, sage, summer squash, and watermelon for the food garden. plus: various type of sunflowers, pinks, foxglove, catnip, and whatever other cheap bird- and bee- friendly flowers we can find. SO looking forward to getting outside again!

  85. I am bit crazy and plant most things from seeds. This year will not be different. Tomatoes, mustard greens, snow peas, herbs, lettuce, kale, chard. I also want to try zucchini and cucumber this year.

  86. This year I will try some carrot seedlings for transplanting. I had never heard of it until I saw it online a few years back. We sometimes get a late freeze which can wipe out early gardening here in Oregon. I will start them indoors and transplant for early harvest. I am so excited to try something new. My usual starts are tomatoes, and peppers. and flowers and… oh there’s never enough room….Thank you for all the inspiration!!!

    • You could actually even plant them directly in a pot and start with the pot indoors. There are some nice varieties of carrots that have a short root that do nicely in containers ^^

  87. I’m definitely doing my own tomatoes from seed after several disease and pest issues last year, plus shell beans, rapini, various greens, and zucchini. I’m trying (and mostly failing) to talk myself out of melons and winter squash because of space issues, and then there’s the amaranth and quinoa to squeeze in somehow. Not to mention my weird obsession with wanting to grow my own dried beans. Oh, and the cut flowers and the perennials to start from seed. What can I say? I have a postage stamp for a backyard, but it’s huge in my mind, and I figure I work at a college with community gardens, plus the garden in front of my office, and lots of people to give extras to, so there’s always somewhere for the seedlings to find a home. Right? Pretty sure all my seed catalogs just told me I’m right…

  88. I try to save seeds year to year, so we’ll end up with plants truly adapted for our area. I’ve got third-generation (in our yard) edamame and tomatoes, and second-generation pumpkins from last year (we got too excited and ate all the seeds from this years’). We’ll also be buying seeds for carrots, beets, peppers, radishes, lettuce, spinach, bok choi, and sugar snap peas.

  89. I suppose the better question would be, what am I not starting from seed this year? Flowers, I guess. But veggies and herbs? I’m there.

    Tons of tomatoes though, that’s the bulk of it. They’re like crack to me.

  90. I’ll be starting lots and lots of things this year. It’s the first year in a while that I won’t be traveling, so I will be home and can baby my seedlings. I always start Black Cherry tomatoes and a host of purple Brussels sprouts and tomatillos, but this year I’m especially excited about planning a miniature fairy garden and trying to grow everything from seed. So far it will include a lot of herbs–fine-leaved things, small flowers, etc. It will be a while yet before I can start my seeds (I’m in Northern Wisconsin), so I’m obsessively planning and ordering and laying out and crafting items to go in it.

  91. As many wonderful veggies and herbs as I can fit on my little apartment balcony… tomatoes, tomotillos, bell peppers, jalapenos, basil, cilantro, dill, parsley, lettuce and kale. Someday soon there will be more land and I can go crazy with all kinds of fun varieties.

  92. I’m going to see if I can find seeds for scotch bonnets. A friend gave me a plant last year and we got a huge amount of peppers just from one little plant! Used them to make pepper sauce and I can hardly wait to do it all over again. Let the growing season begin!

    • take one of the peppers and break it open and plant the seeds you will get alot of plants. I start most of my hot peppers by just pushing them in soil and then they grow. of course everyone tells me I could make anything grow like my grandmother use to.

  93. This year, I’m starting tomatoes, peppers, columbines, nicotina and basil from seed. I think I’d like to try rosemary this year too. Not sure how that will go…

  94. I’d like to start your new seeds (if my name is drawn : ). If not, I’ll start Abraham Lincoln Tomatoes, green peppers, flowers (not decided though I’ll use some seeds saved from last year). Also, I’ll grow herbs (not yet decided).

  95. count me in. I have some seeds for acorn squash, spec. squash, asian green beans and alot of flowers so far. since I live in FL it is easy to start them and we have long growing seasons. Glad your back

  96. Yay my browser is now letting me read this post! (I tweeted you about the crazy text) I’m starting spinach, snow peas, summer squash, turnips, onions and a whole slew of herbs. Count me in for sure!

  97. I’ve got a few trips coming up this spring and summer, so I probably will not be able to tend seedlings so much this year. However, my late winter/ early spring direct sow favorites that are low maintenance will be snow peas, various leafy greens, and cilantro! I’ve got row covers over the beds so I can get a a slightly early start. :)

  98. This is my first time ever starting seeds during the winter, so I’m starting with some low-consequence annuals. Pansies, marigolds, and a few others TBD.

  99. Probably 20 kinds of tomatoes (which is fewer than last year!). Fifteen sweet and hot peppers of various kinds. A couple eggplants. All my favorite herbs. And, once it’s closer to time for planting them, squash (winter and summer types).

  100. I’m mostly a flower gardener and my goal this year is to not buy ANY flower seeds this year. We’ll see if I can stick with it but I collected so many seeds from my garden last fall. I will learn this year what grows and what grows true and looking forward to lots of surprises. I’m going to start planting next week. Starting with petunias and maybe a few perennials.

    I will purchases some vegetable seeds later in the spring.

    I just started an online garden journal so please check it out if you get a chance.

  101. I am doing everything from seed this year and am so excited because my toddler loves picking veggies. At one year old he was picking cherry tomatoes off of a plant on our deck and loved it, and I love that I can provide him with homegrown food. This year, I am doing all heirloom. I am starting from seed:
    Pepper Quadrato d’Asti Rosso
    Carrot Berlicum 2
    Cucumber Straight Eight
    Onion He Shi Ko Bunching
    Watermelon Crimson Sweet
    Tomato Gypsy
    Tomato Copia
    Tomato Pantano Romanesco
    Tomato Delicious
    Tomato Pierce’s Pride
    Tomato Black Cherry
    then still need to get my squash seeds

  102. Ooh, count me in! I haven’t planned out my starts, yet. This will be my second winter of starting indoors. Def tomatoes, just not sure what varieties!

  103. I live in Miami so I started my seeds in September, as the summer is too hot and rainy for most veggies. I’m growing eight varieties of tomatoes, basil and purple basil, swiss chard, lettuce, catnip and milk thistle among other plants. I’ve been visiting your website for about 5 years now and love your articles and photography. I’m a photography teacher, so I may have a bit of a bias towards beautiful imagery ;)

  104. I have approx 9 raised beds on my land and start seeds every year. I only garden and grow organically and try and save seeds when I can as well. This year I will start from seeds, Tomatoes, numerous varieties, tomatillos, peppers, lettuce, cucumbers, eggplant, varieties of squash, like wonderful Romanesco, basil, parsley…I basically try and start from seeds my warm weather plants living in upstate NY zone 4/5 I also start many flowers by seed as well…the ones that need the long growing season! I will also grow my saved amaranth seeds which are wonderful! I have many perennials and self sowing starters that come up yearly that are a wonderful surprise!

  105. I just started scanning the seed catalogs this week and I’m starting my list. I’ll start a few tomatoes, peppers, and herbs inside, then plant out peas, green beans, potatoes, chard, kale, arugula, lettuce, spinach, nasturtiums, beets, and a squash or two. I would love some suggestions on new varieties of greens to try!
    Before I get around to planting anything outside, I really need to commit to soil improvement. At my previous home, I just tilled up a large patch of grass, laid down some newspaper and straw and grew the most wonderful veggies with no amendments or fertilizer. The last couple years at my new house, I’ve found the soil is not very good, as texture and fertility go. There’s always something that needs work in the garden. :)

  106. Count me in!
    It may be overwhelming, but I’m hoping to start a community garden along side of my own this year. I’m in the process of gathering seeds and planning. Any suggestions from the crowd are encouraged and appreciated.

  107. I’m focusing a lot on medicinal herbs and greens this year! I picked up some calendula and arugula seed the other day.

  108. Hmmmm …. Heirloom tomatoes, nasturtiums, scarlet runner beans, arugula, oregano, basil, french breakfast radishes …. Yum!!

  109. I work at a school community garden in Owatonna, MN. We start LOTS of heirloom tomatoes, peppers, herbs, cucumbers, squash, and brassicas. Whatever we can start, we do. We look forward to February every year because of this.

  110. We use parsley often at my new job and since I have been dreaming of growing parsley from seed. I also have some Green Mizuna, and many seeds from last year.

  111. I’m starting three kinds of tomatoes and 5 kinds of peppers for sure, and probably some herbs and squash. I’m hoping to build a little DIY lighting system based on your post!

  112. Please count me in! I grow too much to list because i can’t help experimenting with new packets. I always look forward to eating my first sugar snap peas and have to grow zinnia from vermont wildflower farm. They have a wonderful selection! I’d be really excited to try your favorites this season, thanks :-)

  113. I am planning to grow pumpkins, cherry tomatoes, zucchinis, spaghetti squash, carrots and acorn squash by seed. I do it every year and each year I learn more and more about what to do better the following year. I am really looking forward to expanding my garden into the front yard this spring. I should have done it last fall but c’est la vie.

  114. My tomato seedlings (amish paste, roma, sungold, burbank, and brandywine) just got their first true leaves today. I’m still waiting on my peppers (jalapeno, santa fe, and a couple kinds of bell) to sprout. Then, it’s on to a variety of herbs!

  115. Here in South Carolina, I’ll be direct seeding lettuce (Red Sails and Black Seeded Simpson are my favorites) – and spinach -soon!!!!

  116. Almost everything will be started from seed this year! Especially looking forward to peppercorns, Japanese bunching red onion, and yellow watermelon, and heirloom tomatoes. I look at all my seed packets and have a hard time saying no to some of them- I’m sure they get lonely!

  117. Awesome! This year I plan on growing garlic ( I’m a little iffy bout that) and lettuce (because it basically takes care of itself.

  118. I usually only plant sugar snap peas from seeds and buy small plants for the rest of my garden whic is mostly just tomatoes. This spring we have plans to expand the garden so I am going to try more seeds.

  119. Have Kale, radishes, lettuce and spinach in the cold frames. Have lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, mâché, brussel sprouts, Bok Choy and tatsoi started under lights in the basement. Can’t wait for my seed orders to start arriving!

  120. I am planning on planting my first edible garden this year. I have four boys that are all almost old enough that they can get in on the action and I though it would be nice if we could all learn together.
    I’ve also been trying to find some white tea seeds but am not having much luck. If anyone knows of any good sources please feel free to comment.

    Count me in on the giveaway.

  121. Tomatoes for sure. I didn’t make it last year and was so disappointed! This year is going to be better :))

  122. I teach high school Botany, so the seeds will start in the classroom greenhouse. The students will plant Johnny jump-ups, marigolds, lima beans and radishes in agricultural models they’ll construct – contour farming, terracing, polyculture. They may not make it into the ground, however!

  123. I’m probably going to do tomatoes. Again. But this year I will use a grow light instead of just hoping they’ll get enough sun through the windows (after two years of leggy, leggy seedlings).

  124. I have already bought a couple of different tomatos and I definitely will grow peppers, onion, cucumbers, radish, squash and lettuce in my garden and I hope begonias and a few great flowers

  125. I have at least 12 different tomato varieties, green beans, snap peas, corn, cucumbers, various hot peppers, basil, zucchini, kale, chard etc…. I start the tomatoes inside late February, early March on heating pad and grow lights in seed medium then move into small 3″ pots to harden off outside in a cheap plastic green house set up. Then move them into 5″ pots to get big enough to plant in containers. LOTs given away to friends and co-workers. For most of those people, my tomatoes last year were the only ones that grew. The other veggies are grown and given out when I have excess.

  126. I grow mostly from seed: tomatoes, peppers, eggplants are started inside and beans, peas, cucumbers, squash, corn are directly seeded into the soil. I also start various herbs and flowering/ornamental plants from seed. Saving, collecting and using seed makes me feel I am more in control of my destiny.

  127. Well, my boyfriend and I just visited our local nursery today and picked up seeds for yellow onions, green onions, peas, butter lettuce, beets and carrots. He was tilling the amended soil from our raised boxes when we got home. We haven’t started anything from seed in our raised boxes before, so this is going to be exciting! I love watching them grow. :)

  128. Will be starting pepper and tomato seeds in late March here in Ottawa. Melons and pumpkin seeds will be started closer to Spring. And probably some impulse buys as always!

  129. I’m growing tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and beans from seed this year (hopefully!) Please count me in!

    PS- I’ve enjoyed your blog for a long time. Thanks for the resource!

  130. Oh to start from seeds. It’s been a while since we did that. I just may have the space and time to accomplish it this year. Would love to start tomatoes, peppers, peas, green beans, onions, and loads of flowers. The country air is all around us now so starting seedlings indoors would be perfect.

  131. This is my 4th year having my own veggie garden and my first year saving some of my own seeds. I will be starting onions, broccoli, peppers and tomatoes indoors and peas and beans outdoors.

  132. Just picked up a ton of seeds from my favorite/oldest nursery in San Diego. Too many to list but I’m particularly excited for cocozelle squash, mickylee watermelon, portulaca moss rose double blend, numex joe e parker chili pepper, lots of beans, eggplant, tomatoes and greens.

    Thanks for sharing and definitely count me in!

  133. It will be my second year growing veggies on the balcony.
    This year I hope to start from seed the following:
    Black, yellow, and red tomatoes.
    Bok choy
    Lettuce mix

    - happy gardening

  134. Tomatoes, peppers, jalepenos!!
    And many more, I need to start checking online for seeds and mapping out my garden, much planning ahead!

  135. We’re moving soonish, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to start seeds indoors, but usually I’d start tomatoes. Side note: I smuggled in some Italian chicory seeds years ago, and the pack was huge like you say so I still have a ton. Love that! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  136. I’m going to try to break my streak of neglectful gardening where I buy a bunch of tomatoe seedlings and by the summer my yard is an overrun tomato jungle by keeping thIngs small andsandsImple and just doing lettuce andother greens

  137. Pretty much everything :) Tomatoes, peppers (hot and sweet), onions, leeks, winter squash, celery, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage… and then, of course, the lettuce and carrots and beets and peas and beans and everything else in the garden itself!

  138. This year I’m trying Andrina Cherry Tomato, Black Cherry Tomato, Egg yolk Cherry Tomato. I only have 3 large containers, so can’t do too many tomatoes. I’ll also be trying Malabar Spinach. We live in Toronto, and I really want to do a front yard vegetable garden as our front yard gets southeastern sun, but not sure if that’s allowed. If anyone has done it, please let me know.

  139. Count me in! I already started some seeds indoor. Edamames, different varieties of tomatoes, and eggplants. I live in Denvet with a very short growing seaason, so I must start early!

  140. I’m not good yet at starting from seeds, but I do manage to be successful with the easiest: radishes. Last year I grew borage from seeds, and it was really beautiful, so I want to try it again.

  141. I know I will be growing purple tomatillos from seed again this year as they were super productive last year. I’m going to try growing some rouge vif d’etampes pumpkins this year. Hopefully they won’t take over my whole yard. I’m sure there will be a few others too as well as some transplants from the guy at the farmer’s market that sells vegetable and herb seedings.

  142. Pretty much everything but my favourites are tomatoes, peppers and basil several varieties of each. I am looking forward to trying to grow items more vertically this year, as last year I allowed my tomatoes to take over the garden.

  143. As a first time seed starter, not sure what I’m going to tackle, but I know the repertoire must include tomatoes – have a few seeds already, “Brandywine Red” and “Yellow Pear”. Also fell in love with ground cherries when I planted them in my YIMBY plot two years ago, so I’ve picked up a pack of “Aunt Molly’s” to start as well. Besides this, it is all up for debate!!

  144. This will be my first year gardening and I’m thinking of going with veggies and hebs that we enjoy the most – tomatos, peppers, rosemary, and basil.

  145. I have been busy trading for organic heirloom seeds, Anasazi Beans, Blue Hooker Sweet Corn, and mostly tomatoes; San Marzano, Cherokee Purple, Beefsteak, Large Red Cherry, Old German, and a big Yellow tomato called Azoychka. Will also plant lettuce, carrots, onions, peppers, spinach, strawberries, loads of herbs and medicinal flowers, and whatever else I can find to plant:)

    We have 1/2 acre to fill up and last year it was to much for me to take care of, so this year I am going to plant only 3 or 4 raised beds in one area (instead of 9) and plant smarter and closer together. I am also going to try the gutter sections hanging by ropes where the top one drains down and waters the next.

  146. I have planted herbs in the aerogarden and am getting ready to plant some peppers, then I’m hoping to find where I’ve stashed the whippersnappers … And I want lots of kale … and zucchinis and a zillion tomatoes and lettuces … ETC

  147. Count me in. I am already winter sowing out in the garden in containers. I’ve sown wildflower mixes, artichokes, dicicco broccoli and kale. We’ll see how this process works. Indoor starting begins next month.

  148. I’m planning on starting lettuce, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes from seed. I would love to try spigarello! Count me in!

  149. I always grow a few varieties of tomato that I start from seed. Just learned that my seed source has been acquired by Monsanto so will be looking elsewhere. This year I’ll add a broad leaf arugula to pair with the fiery (and delicious) variety that grows wild in the yard. I’d also like to grow kale, bush beans (variety?) and some hot peppers.

    Thanks for the permanent seed growing resource!

  150. I start most of my veggies from seed, with the exceptions of tomatoes, cucumbers, and squashes. Oh and shallots and leeks. But greens, peas, beans, root crops, etc. are always from seed. This year I’ve found some interesting winter squash varieties that sound like they may work in my short and not very warm season (Pacific Northwest, very far north) so I’ll be ordering those to try and start them myself.

  151. We start everything from seed with the exception of tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. Once we get the remodeling done we will start them from seed also.

  152. I’m planning on starting nearly everything that I will grow this year from seed. I’m going to start several tomato, tomatillo, and basil varieties indoors and the rest, such as the cucumbers, squashes, beans, leafy greens, etc., will be direct seeded outside.

  153. I’m planning to start some “Tom Thumb” dwarf peas for pots, but since I’ll be moving my 80+ indoors plants to a different province this summer (and don’t have any outdoor garden space) it’ll be a limited year!

  154. I have started my tomatoes, kale, lettuce, and chrysanthemum greens. This weekend I’ll start peas, peppers, and flowers. Garlic, shallots, and strawberries are already in the garden!

  155. Ohhhh…..I cannot wait until the horrendous Winnipeg winter is over and growing season begins in earnest. I am starting some seeds this weekend, finally. Over the season I’ll be planting persian/lebanese cucumbers, a few varieties of basil, lettuce, peppers – serrano, chili, paprika, peas, peas and more peas, beans, broccolini – a favourite of mine from our local Italian grocer Deluca’s, zucchini, calendula and my first foray into onions, squash, watermelon.

  156. Unfortunately i am a serial seed purchaser, rarely planter…they always die…anyway it’s time to try again….pinto beans, sugar snap peas, kale,tomato pole, beets, purple tomatillos, stringless blue lake beans,cowpeas, and nameless peppers. They are nameless because i had a plant and saved the seeds, but I don’t remember the name of the pepper.

  157. this is only my 2nd year growing veggies so I’m doing basics spinach, carrots, sweet peppers and yellow tomatoes

  158. This year I’m doing more with seeds than I ever have. My employer moved me to a desk by a window, so I’m starting seeds on the desk and moving them to the window as soon as they sprout! I have tomato, tomatillo, peppers, basil, onion, parsley, lettuce, and eggplant queued up now as well as some experiments – kale and kohlrabi. Would love more new things to try!

  159. count me in – I have my first garden this year, so kale, lettuce, cucumbers, beans and tomatoes. Maybe rhubarb.

  160. Count me in! I love gardening! I am starting planning now and hope to start tomatoes, carrots, and onions from seed. Maybe some squash and pumpkins! I am so excited!

  161. this will be my first year with a dedicated growing station in the basement and these seeds would be a great addition!

  162. This year will hopefully be my first year of successful seed starting. We’re doing tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, kale, leeks, and basil inside. So excited!

  163. I’m going to start some “Mr. Stripey” tomatoes inside for sure, but I think I might also get some kind of smaller bushy dwarf tomato to see which does better in the setting I have. Also on the docket for starting inside, definitely these gypsy hybrid peppers my dad recommends, and maybe some greens. I want to find out a little more about small, container-appropriate okra plants. (Last year I had the most glorious, tall okra plant, but I think I should scale back!)

    I am thinking of bringing in flower seeds to the program where I work as a mindfulness activity for our kids. Maybe marigolds. I don’t know that much about flowers, actually.

  164. Just finished the last seed order yesterday. More of a focus on eggplants (haven’t grown from seed before), as well as some more tomatoes, including some black cherries and ditmarshers kept from last year.

  165. I have a good sized vegetgable garden in Western Washington (Zone 8) and plant most things directly into the garden. I will start peppers, tomatoes and cantalope from seed in the house. Also, I sprout my pea seeds (on a plate with wet paper towels) each spring and plant the sprouted seed in the garden near the end of February. We get so much rain that the seeds rot otherwise. I let them really sprout so that there is quite a bit of green before I plant them.

  166. Count me in. I need to start growing herbs again. And okra – I always let a few get way too big; my cat loves to play with them once they’ve dried out. And eggplant, and some different types of squash. Oh, and grape tomatoes and mini-peppers!

  167. This is the first year I am going to try everything from seed, rather than some seeds and some store-bought transplants. Here’s the list as it stands today:

    10 wks prior: coleus, lavender, stock
    9 wks prior: hollyhock, thyme
    8 wks prior: tomato (heirlooms for the first time!), eggplant, brussels sprouts (yum!), dahlia, sage
    6 wks prior: zinnia, balsam, basil, anise, quinoa
    5 wks prior: okra, swiss chard, silver dollar (honesty plant)

    That should keep my weekends in mid-March through early-April pretty busy!!

  168. Wild black raspberries and wine berries will be new this year!! The usuals are pear tomatoes, a couple of types of basil, arrugala, lettuce, spinach, and Fairy tale eggplants.
    Really, really ready for spring!
    Thanks for the contest. . . these seeds sound amazing!

  169. Hi, happy to get this newsletter today. Last night my 4 year old grandson, Xavier and I were lying in bed reading books and a seed catalogue, talking about what we wanted to plant and dreaming about our community garden. Xavier has been gardening with me since he was 1 1/2 years old I always took him to the garden in his wagon. This will be his 3rd summer in the garden. We are going to start quite a few things from seed, several varieties of small heritage varieties of tomatoes, tomatillas, Asian greens, bush beans, salad greens, and greens like kale and chard.

  170. I will be starting seeds inside this year. I have been growing veggies for almost 8 years now. The last two years the Oregon rains kept me from planting at the right times, as the soil was too cold and too wet. So in my seedling plans are the following; sunflowers, kohlrabi, snap peas, beans, rominesco (sp?), pumpkins, and butternut squash.

    I’m glad to see your blog back!

  171. This will be my first year to really take seed starting seriously. I mean, with gro-lights and all. I swore after last year I wouldn’t do it, it wasn’t worth it! Then I got the itch again this winter.
    I will be growing several heirloom tomatoes, some cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, lemon cucumbers, and flowers to transplant.
    I will probably end up buying more though. Other people’s are always healthier than mine. Plus, I can’t resist the Garden Fair and FFA sale at the high school!

  172. Welcome back!!Excited to see youre site back up and running!! This year I will be starting lots of seeds as always! Its so hard not to try so many different varieties of veggies and flowers that you can get from seeds compared to youre local garden center. I will be trying 10 different tomatoes this year from beefsteaks to carolina golds and the one im so so excited about to try is sungold cherry tomato!!! I tried to get these seeds for 3 years locally with no luck. I finally found some online and ordered them to try this year! wish me luck!

  173. Last year I started so many things from seed, I was running out of room. This year, I’m going to try a more stream-lined approach, mostly focusing on 5-6 types of tomatoes with a few basil varieties and marigolds thrown in.

  174. Mostly heirloom tomatoes and LOTS of basil (and some greens in the coldframe outside.) I might try sweetpeas this year, but I always seem to start them too late!

  175. This year I am focusing on cut flowers and a few new vegetables: beans, artichokes and cardoons. Supposedly, cardoons taste like artichokes but are easier to grow. I have ordered my seeds from Kitchen Garden Seeds. I am also experimenting with low tunnels to get a jump on the season.

  176. I may plant some chicken forage, but my last attempt at starting sunflower seeds failed. I think my house was too cold!

  177. Obsessed with Nasturtiums, will up the number of varieties from 9 last year to 16. Delicious, beautiful, good for whatever ails ya! Other than those little loves, current count is 128 seed packets plus harvested from last year’s giant garden, wish me luck and please send more!!!!! LOVE TO HELP PLANTS GROW :)

  178. I’ve been outta the starting things from seed game for a few years now. Now that I’ve bought a house with here-and-there- space for gardening (I have to be creative with garden box placement), I plan on starting tomatoes, peppers, plenty of herbs, broccoli, brussels sprouts all by seed indoors. I’ll direct-sow the rest – greens, beans, etc in a couple of months.

    I plan on growing hops this year too. Excitement!!

  179. I try to grow everything from seed, just so I know where it comes from to ensure it’s not GMO. This year I’ll be growing tomatos, tomatillos, beans, peas, and salad greens!

  180. I will be starting my Bradywine, Black Cherokee and usually 2 other new heirloom types (haven’t picked out this years contenders yet)tomato plants in the house. I generally plant everything else directly in the garden other than the occasional plant purchased as I do not require an entire seed packets worth of aubergine plants.
    Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait for gardening and bee season to begin again.

  181. I will be planting Fava beans, carrots, broccoli raab, radishes, chives, tomatoes, zucchini, and cukes. I love you website!

  182. I’m growing pees, pinto beans, onion, carrots, cilantro, mustard, oregano, basil, thime, chives, parsley, onion, cherry tomatoes, peppers, sunflowers and lettuces. On my patio container garden I gave to my daughter as a gift for her 4th birthday. Count us in!

  183. Basil, peppers, a variety of lettuce, cosmos, zinnias, beans, swiss chard–and more. Scarlet runner beans are one of my favorites.

  184. I just bought some sunflower seeds. I thought they would be fun to plant with my grandchildren because they get so big and are so beautiful! Still have a while to go before I can plant them though!

  185. count me in! I just planted a bunch of seeds for my first garden. It’s a raised bed. I’m hoping to branch out and try more things as I get used to gardening.

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