Seed Catalogues MIA

I had intended to write a post about seed catalogue arrivals and all of the exciting new things I want to try this year but so far only two catalogues have arrived (one of which I didn’t even order!) with rest of the usual suspects seemingly missing-in-action.

I tend to shop online and don’t like to waste paper but I like the printed catalogues because it means I can multi-task my seed shopping while riding public transportation, watching a dumb movie, or sitting on the toilet. Too much information? Ten bucks says this is the most popular place to catalogue shop for seeds! I was going to go further in making the seed catalogues as porn for gardeners comparison but I’ll quit while I’m ahead. But while I’m really far digressed a word to seed companies; hire better designers! Most of us like pretty pictures and I would hedge a bet that many of you are like me and buy more seeds from the companies with the warmest photos and most agreeable layout. Of course the integrity of the company and what they’re actually selling is important too but it’s easier to conceptualize a plant growing in your garden when you can clearly see what it looks like.

So who arrived so far this year? Richters Herbs and William Dam Seeds (I have no idea how I got this and even though I like to stay away from hybrids a quick glance shows a bunch of choices that interest me).

I am now scrambling to put in catalogue orders with a bunch of companies. They include: Seed Savers (my favourite catalogue! How could they forsake me?), Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds (they made me pay for it as a Canadaian. boo), Johnny’s Select Seeds, West Coast Seeds, and Seeds of Change (kinda pricey)

Gayla Trail
Gayla is a writer, photographer, and former graphic designer with a background in the Fine Arts, cultural criticism, and ecology. She is the author, photographer, and designer of best-selling books on gardening, cooking, and preserving.

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4 thoughts on “Seed Catalogues MIA

  1. Oh, you got a Baker Creek catalogue…I opted against paying. I usually get West Coast, but it hasn’t arrived. I got Stokes and Johnny’s and Richters this year. Don’t think Seed Savers came, either, I’ll have to check. And you’re definitely right about the toilet thing. :P

  2. My West Coast Seeds catalogue only arrived yesterday and I’m on the West Coast… so I bet you be getting one next week.

    What’s with Seed Savers? Not only did I put in a substantial order with them last year, I also made a point of putting in an online catalogue request ages ago which they had no record of. I finally had to email customer service – it arrived earlier this week.

  3. Oh good to know. I’ve been wondering where the heck mine are, including the West Coast Seeds one (and I too am on the West Coast).

  4. I got my West Coast Seeds catalogue back in early March, sent to me in the UK on behalf of my outlaws in Saulte Ste. Marie, Canada.

    I wish there was something like that here in England, but gardening with seeds is something dominated by the old elitist brands rather than up and coming ethical/organic suppliers. Maybe there’s a market here I’ve just discovered!

    The reason I have this catalogue is that I’ve always been interested in growing Edamame here in the UK but you can’t buy seeds here at all and know seems to know how to grow them. Any tips from the West Coast (seeing as our weather seems to be quite similar)?

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