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11 thoughts on “Salvia Argentea

  1. I love fun and interesting plants like this! I just looked it up and it grows in my zone, too. Now if I can only find it around here…

  2. exactly what I thought, bre!

    it still looks like a mop of gray hair to me. I can’t imagine how that could be a plant….?

    Can you post another photo of the whole plant?
    I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anything like it.

  3. This site is wonderful, just wonderful. I love the smell of sage, but never saw it silky like that. Will it grow in Arkansas & when? Also how are you featured on frontpage of myYahoo?

  4. Think your site is wonderful. Love the smell of sage, but never saw it silky like that. Also how are you on frontpage of new MyYahoo?

  5. I have many different types of salvia in my gardens, but did you know that people smoke it too? My mother and I both love to garden and we were wondering what kind of this salvia is th kind that they smoke…? Don’t get confused, I am not talking about sativa that stuff if illegal!

  6. Melody: I don’t know about smokable sage but I do know about ceremonial sage… the sage that is smudged. It’s white sage, Salvia apiana. Not hardy to my zone up North but I bring it indoors in the winter.

    Sewya: I didn’t notice much smell on this sage. I believe it is hardy to zone 5.

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