Rooting Begonias

Guest post by Amy Urquhart

This morning on my blog I wrote about how we’re getting crowded out of our dining room by the sheer number of plants in there, so it seems only natural that the next thing I did this morning while drinking my coffee, and in my housecoat, no less, is root seven Rex Begonia cuttings. This means that if my project is a success, I will soon have seven more houseplants to add to the collection I complained about just this morning.

It all started when I decided to research just exactly what to do with those long, leafless necks sprawling across the surface of my Rex Begonia “Tiger Kitten”. I was very happy to find that all I needed to do was cut those back and with a little time and plant magic, my original “Tiger Kitten” would grow new leaves and eventually look as happy as it did the day I bought it at Canada Blooms two years ago.

First I took a deep breath and hacked it back. Here’s how it looked this morning in all its gangly glory before the hacking began:


And here it as after the shearing:


Here are the cuttings all ready to be potted up:


And here they are in their new homes, all dusted in rooting compound and snuggled into pots of equal parts vermiculite and pro-mix:


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One thought on “Rooting Begonias

  1. Your hacked baby will recover and you will soon have more plants than you know what to do with! I’m doing something similar right now with a hot pink geranium I was given. Too yummy to give it up so I kept it indoors all winter and now its all hacked up and I am happily awaiting those “hot pink” babies!

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