Review and Giveaway: Jora JK125 Tumbling Composter

Building an outdoor compost bin was the very first thing we did when we started working on the new yard last spring. We made our bin on the cheap by upcycling a busted futon frame that was left in the yard by former occupants. So far the bin has worked beautifully, but like all one-bin systems it has its downsides. Keeping the bin aerated is a chore, and the fresh, ready-made compost is a pain to extract from the very bottom of the pile. The bin is also open to vermin, and while nesting rodents can be discouraged simply by keeping a well-maintained pile, I have had at least one unwelcome occupant in my years working with D.I.Y compost piles.

Homemade bins are very viable and often far superior to the cheap black plastic contraptions sold by the City (our kept falling apart and eventually housed a wasp nest), but they are not ideal. For that reason I have longed to try a really good composting system, specifically a tumbler that makes easy work of turning a heavy pile. Still, when eartheasy contacted me about trying out the Jora JK125 Tumbling Composter I was intrigued but extremely hesitant as I wasn’t sure where or how I would cram a second composting unit into an already jam-packed, narrow urban yard.

Over the years, my motto as an obsessive plant hoarder working within exceptionally tight spaces has been, “I’ll make it fit.” And somehow, magically, I always do. The only reason I was able to to manage it here is because the Jora is a self-contained unit. It smells a bit when the balance of greens and browns is off, but even then we’re only subjected to a marginally funky smell when the lid is opened. Beyond that, it’s a really easy composting system to live with. I specifically located my D.I.Y bin way at the back of the garden, away from the house, but I was able to cram the Jora into our outdoor seating area, nearly touching the table I eat at. So far so good. Some people decorate their outdoor living areas with decorative water features, attractive container plantings, or charming woodstoves. I sit down to dinner next to an industrial-green, powder-coated steel, 33 gallon compost bin.

And I actually like it! Turns out that I like the Jora a lot more than I imagined I would and my delight in it is growing everyday. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the unit set up long enough to make it through to a first batch of finished compost, but here are my thoughts and observations so far:

  • The bin is insulated to create heat. It is purported to compost straight through the winter, which is something that my D.I.Y bins have never managed to accomplish. I can’t wait to see this in action this winter (although I am in no hurry to actually GET to winter).
  • Aerating the “pile” really is as easy as you’d imagine and want from a turning composter. The contraption has several handles located on all sides and so far they’ve been very sturdy. I turn it daily with just about no effort. Love this feature!
  • There are two chambers, each with their own securely fitted lid. This means I can fill up one side, then work on the other while the first side does its business. The first bin is supposed to be finished by the time the second is full. Genius!
  • So far the bin has been big enough to hold our family’s food scraps with some browns from the garden. The key here seems to be in adding garden bits that are small or chopped up — no lazy cheating with larger sticks and bits as we sometimes do with the D.I.Y bin.
  • On the plus side, I’ve been able to add more citrus peels than I usually add to my D.I.Y bins and so far, so good.
  • I have noticed some leaking out of the seams on one side. Liquid is often generated in the composting process and I’m not yet sure whether this was an indication that my bin was too wet at one point, a problem with the bin’s construction, or if this just happens and that’s that.
  • My only complaint so far is that it was a pain in the butt to put together. I have even worked professionally designing, illustrating, and writing assembly instructions for office furniture so I know my way around a complicated build, and Davin and I still had some trouble with this one. We made it work in the end, but not without losing our cool once or twice in the process. In hindsight, I probably should have watched the handy how-to video on the eartheasy website. Even if the video didn’t help clarify the process, it would have given us somewhere to direct our frustration.


How to win a Jora JK125 Tumbling Composter

The folks at eartheasy have agreed to offer up one of these sweet units to a lucky reader. Simply post a comment below and you will be entered to win. Your comment can be as simple as “Enter me please” or “Count me in.”

Limitations: Unfortunately, this particular contest is limited to residents of the lower 48 states of the United States of America only. Canadian and International readers will not be entered this time around. Sorry folks.

One winner will be chosen at random using random dot org’s tool after entries close at midnight EST Thursday, May 31. Good luck to all!

Gayla Trail
Gayla is a writer, photographer, and former graphic designer with a background in the Fine Arts, cultural criticism, and ecology. She is the author, photographer, and designer of best-selling books on gardening, cooking, and preserving.

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436 thoughts on “Review and Giveaway: Jora JK125 Tumbling Composter

  1. Definitely on my wishlist!! It aint easy rolling around a big trashcan across the yard to mix up the compost. It works, but this would be a cinch!

  2. Enter me please!!!
    I’ve been composting for 3 years now and have a homemade bin. Would love something like this!

  3. Thank you for writing this review. I want to start composting soon, but want to be completely prepared and informed! Your book and blogs always help me! Thanks!

  4. Your review is very promising. Does eartheasy make a larger version? I ask because our community garden is looking to update our composting system. Last year’s attempt was a pretty big failure, and a rotating composter seems to be a good soultion.

  5. This compost tumbler would be so perfect for me! It would keep the racoons out. I would love to give it a try.

    • I didn’t mention it in the review but the locks on the lids are SUPER tight and secure. No raccoon could get into it. If they did they’d deserve the win.

  6. A composter like this near the garden would make things so much easier! Enter me please!

  7. Please send me that composter! My current one is from the city and it has no tumbling feature. Also, it is a messy hassle to remove compost from the bottom.

  8. Hey, love your blog.
    I have found that generating a hot compost pile through the winter is possible with a large enough open pile. It seems that a minimum of a couple cu yards is required to get to an inner temp of 140. though I would definitely be excited to try out an insulated composter like this one and see how that works. This looks like a great model.
    I hope I win :)

  9. Oh yes! Please count me in! I began composting my first year in the fall by digging a trench through the center of my long but narrow garden bed. As the winter went on I put the kitchen scraps directly in the trench at one end and covered them over. By spring I was at the end of the trench and had some serious turning of soil to do. It worked quite well despite the occasional eggshell or banana peel. My sis “upgraded” my system with a black plastic “earth machine” that had seen better days but I have been using it since & like the heat attracting black as well as the central location, it is however a beast to fully turn the composting materials with a pitchfork when the bin become very full at all. My wish – happy & healthy composting to all!

  10. I’ve been interesting in composting … but the DIY ones seem a little too much for me. My daughter’s science teacher has one at school and we send stuff regularly for it. Would love to give this a try!

  11. I would love to win that composter. I use the square city composters which don’t work nearly as well. A composter that works in winter would e a dream come true!

  12. Oh this is a sweet composter. Mine stays so full, I sure could use a second composter. Nice giveaway :)

  13. I made a cheap bin using a plastic trash can that I drilled holes in. It will be hard to roll around to mix things up, but it’s better than nothing. I would love to have one of these composters.

  14. I’ve always been fascinated by the tumbler composters and although we have a worm bin, I always think the tumbler must be superior. One way or another I will be trying it this summer. Thanks for this opportunity!
    Thanks, also, for your fun and inspiring articles. I enjoy getting them im my email.

  15. Enter me please! My husband and I have recently moved to where we can grow a garden on a small plot of land and teach our little girl all about compost and plants. This would be a fabulous addition.

  16. pretty please enter me in your contest, would surely luv this little composter, and it may save my back lol!

  17. Enter me please! I’ve been in the market for a compost bin (right now I just do like my grandpa and have a pile on the ground; not the greatest solution!).

  18. Sign me up! I also have a DIY composting bin and it takes forever to get anything out of it. I’ve been dying for a tumbling composter!

  19. I have been looking for something like that! I have been trying to find a system that would prevent our neighborhood raccoon from foraging in my compost. I would love to win one, but if not, I will certainly get one.

  20. Definitely count me in for this! My husband and I just purchased a new house in a neighborhood with lots of rodent residents. We’re worried about their attraction to our regular DIY compost bin so this would be awesome!

  21. Count me in, please!

    I love my homemade compost bin, but like everyone else I would really love the convenience that comes with a rolling unit.

  22. I started composting this spring, enjoyed your anecdotes and observations! Thanks for entering me.

  23. Enter me please! Trash can rolling used to be a kid chore, and now they’ve all moved away!

  24. Please count me in. I would love to advance to real composting rather than just the pile behind my shed.

  25. yes please! This would be great, I have compost pile fail because of raccoons and squirrels…

  26. I am still using an open pile for composting. Our DIY bin withstood 3 moves but couldnt hold up for the 4th. That was 5 years ago! I would love, love to have this composter! :) please enter me

  27. I have been in the market for a good, affordable, small tumbling composter for awhile now. Thanks for posting the review of this one! And for entering me to win!

  28. i’m very new to composting and live in south Texas, the soil is sandy and very poor great for growing grass burrs lol. So im desprate to buil the soil up in my garden area , I would love to win a new compost tumbler it would be an ancwer to my prayers .

  29. Awesome! Would love to get one of these to compost the food waste from my school’s cafeteria!

  30. Ooooh, I just this minute ordered a rain barrel. This would complete my back yard. Please count me in.

  31. Enter me please. I would love to win the compost bin. My DIY one is not meeting my needs.

  32. Thank you! I would love one. I just moved into my house and finally have space for it!!!

  33. A compost bin has been on our list since we moved in here last August, and this one would be a vast improvement over the one I had in my old life!

  34. I have three compost piles in the backyard that I turn every 6 weeks, as well as a small vermicomposting box inside. And I still can’t make enough compost for my growing garden! This would be a great addition to my yard!

  35. Def count me in! Our composting efforts have outgrown our 2 diy and 1 tumbler bin! Always happy to add another composter to our collection!

  36. I would love to have one of these. I’ve been wanting to start composting and this is perfect!

  37. Enter me too please.. I’d love to have something like this in lieu of our home-built pile.. Thx!!

  38. I have always wanted to try a tumbling composter. And if this one is truly insulated enough to compost during the winter it’s definitely on my wishlist.

  39. We are just about to build a cheapy DIY bin as a tumbler doesn’t fit in our budget. So definitely count us in. This bin looks fantastic, especially with the two sides.

  40. I have one of those black plastic bins and it is currently being held together with bungee cords, duct tape and a big brick on the top! Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these beauties!

  41. I’d love one of these. Turning a compost pile is a wretch in the FL heat, but we are too cheap to shell out the money for a non-DIY system.

  42. Count me in please! I have one of the City ones and it is a pain in my tiny patio…

  43. Please count me in. I currently have only one of this black plastic monstrousities

  44. I would love a new tumbling bin but the prices have kept me at bay! Our old one had been fixed many times and finally had to be recycled as the plastic sides could no longer handle the central axle. I am currently using a pile in a weird plastic box, and it is slow and really a terrible design – not easy to turn the pile because the bin falls apart. The eartheasy tumbler would get a LOT of use here!


  45. I just bought a new house and am trying to decide to bring my compost with me or not. This could really seal the deal.

  46. Love it! I’ve been looking at getting a tumbler. This one looks like a nice one.

  47. This looks like a nice product. I’d love to try in out in our cold and snowy winters in Michigan. Count me in!

  48. I just helped my mom assemble one of these last weekend, and would love one of my own!

  49. Please count me in. I love compost and I have clay soil which needs a lot of organic matter.

  50. Oh yes please! My front yard garden would totally benefit from having an easy composter like this!!

  51. This would be such an epic win for the yard! EPIC EPIC EPIC, I tell you!! \^o^/

  52. It’s sad that companies won’t offer give aways like this to Canadians, but if we wanted to buy one they would certainly ship it to us (for a fee of course!).

  53. Ohhhhh I’d love to win this! I have a very basic composter and I dream of something better, like this one. With a new baby in the house, I don’t have the time to ensure the proper green to brown ratio or turn my pile like I should so something a little more sophisticated would be such a treat. Pick me!

  54. Enter me please!!

    Having wasps/bees/any other flying stinging insects infest my compost bin is something that terrifies me. I would love to have something that they couldn’t get into!

  55. Omg, pick me please! College student with 2 jobs, 2 separate garden locations,and trying to deal with Montana’s short 100 day growing season, I NEED a way to make composting easier.

  56. Please count me in! I’m in need of a compost tumbler that I can manage on my own and keep my beagle out of.

  57. I have been wanting to get a new compost bin for outside. I have the stupid green plastic that nothing seems to break down in and it requires a pitchfork turning method, hard on an older lady. So I’d love to find a bin that works better, especially since I have chickens now and there will be a whole lot of compost to deal with. I have a worm bin inside which has become so filled with clusters of worms that I think I need to send some to my garden or divide and get a second bin. Sorry, I’m rambling…

  58. :( I’m really disappointed that your contest is only open to residents of the US, especially since you are a Canadian gardener. I realise that the vendor probably set the restrictions, but perhaps you could impress upon them that Canada has lots of gardeners that are super interested in composting systems too!

  59. I’d love that! We just moved to Denver and I’m trying to figure out gardening in a new climate.

  60. I’m working with two diy open bins, which work well, but this one is so pretty!

  61. My wife and I have just started gardening this year. Moving out to a rural area has given us a lot of options. Adding a composter would be great.

  62. I found a great used compost tumbler on craigslist so always keep your eyes open. But I’d love a second one!

  63. Looks like a great composter. I wonder how it will hold up over time being made of metal. I’ve seen some of these rust through, but this one looks like it may be higher quality. I’d love to give it a try.

  64. We just put up a fence around our backyard, and now I feel like I can have a compost bin that won’t be sticking out like a sore thumb! We’ve been considering one of the rotating models.

  65. yes please. my husband and i have been talking about building some kind of compost box for ages.

  66. I just moved to an apartment with a small yard, and desperately want/need a composter. Count me in!

  67. We have been looking at compost tumblers and they are very high on our wish list. Please count me in. Thank you for the opportunity.

  68. Oooh this looks great! i love the double-bin feature! I’ve always wondered how to pull out the compost that IS done while still composting fresh scraps. Count me in!

  69. Ooooh, hook me up! My craptastic plastic compost bin is held together by duct tape and is a huge chore to turn.

  70. What a great item! We just bought a house and are in the process of fixing up the garden. We live in a very urban area so something small like this would be great.

  71. Is it wrong to lust over a composter? The idea of it being insulated really appeals (a Peels Ha!) to me, just over here on the State side of Lake Erie, it gets mighty cold in winter. Please count me in!

  72. I’d love to win one! I was just gifted a round tumbler and I was skeptical. I thought one of the major necessities of compost bins is to touch the earth and get the yummy things from the soil. Does anyone have an opinion on this? How about, should I put the freshest compost in the tumbler and then move it out after it starts to break down, or should I put the fresh stuff outside until it begins to break down and then put it in the tumbler to finish off? I will have to research this I think…

    • Good question. I don’t have an answer for this and I was about to say that this is my first time with a self-contained composter but then I realized that’s not true… I’ve kept worm bins indoors many times and they don’t come into contact with the outdoors, period. All composting systems are different and then what we put into the bin changes the outcome further… so it’s different, but perhaps not better or worse. All I know is that I am keeping both my D.I.Y system and this one running simultaneously as I am finding they serve slightly different functions.

  73. Love this! I could transfer all my compost from a plastic garbage can into something that really works and is less cumbersome. Yay

  74. Count me in! I have been drooling over a compost tumbler like this for years and I just cannot afford one. I live in a ground level apartment and my porch garden is bursting at the seams! There is no where to put a make-shift bin but this one looks like it would fit nicely on my concrete patio. I have been throwing my garden scraps behind the bank of A/C units nearby for three years now and i think the apartment manager is on to me. Lol! ;)

  75. Re: the touching ground question… As I mentioned in my comment yesterday, I have had a tumbler before (it looked like a garbage can that turned head over heels on an axis). It didn’t need to touch the ground to get the microbes going – they seem to find their way in and it did work very fast! The only critters missing were worms, but I don’t think they would live in such a hot compost. Beetles, ants and that sort did go in my old tumbler to help. Also, there’s a nice variety of critters and microbes form your yard/ garden waste that get introduced to the compost mix to help keep a nice and diverse system to break down waste efficiently! Just my 2 cents.

  76. Oh, I’d love to win this tumbler. We use rubbermaid bins now and although we get great compost, we don’t get enough yield as we’d like to.

  77. This one looks more unassuming then some of the other tumblers too. I like the design. Sign me up!

  78. I’m liking the simplicity of this tumbler. We had a DIY compost bin for awhile and while I love composting (I used to have a tiny worm bin in my college dorm room), having a large DIY bin has been quite a hassle for two people who work full-time. I would love something easier like this.

    Great review and thanks for sharing with us! Go giveaway go!

  79. Count me in! The locks for the lids look pretty heavy duty. How have they stood up to daily use?

  80. yes, i’m in sore need of a composter, especially one that turns. right now i’m using an old trash can, and i have trouble tossing the contents regularly enough. thanks for the review!

  81. We would LOVE to win a compost tumbler. We have a make-shift one assembled for 4 wooden pallets. Now that my son is starting to walk, a closed tumbler would be easier to keep him out of the pile. LOL

  82. This would be awesome. Our DIY compost bin is currently an old smoker top – handy, but not handy enough. Count me in!

  83. This is awesome timing! Just started my patio garden & definitely have room for this! Compost for my Earth Box would be AMAZING!!

  84. We just started composting and wow my garden looks so good!! Would love to win this!!

  85. I have had a tumbler composter on my Christmas list for years but Santa has yet to deliver. I’m dying to try one. Fingers crossed…

  86. Consider me entered! This would be perfect for our new house — even if I have to purchase it. Thank you for the review, Gayla.

  87. We would love to have this tumbler. We have been composting for several years now in DIY bins. I don’t think we could get along with all our free compost! The tumbler would make it a lot less back breaking though. lol

  88. Thank you for this giveaway! We got a composter which is on it’s third year…the stuff we put in it at the end of the first year still never broke down, and I’ve successfully bin composted for a long time, so that’s so frustrating! I love being able to get a quicker result and this looks like a great composter.

  89. I’ve been composting in D.I.Y bins for over 40 years. Something that replaces manually turning compost has been on my wish list for all 40 of those years. This looks great.

  90. Ooohhh! I want one! I don’t have a composter, just a pile outside my back door. Slowly, but surely fixing my clay dirt! :)

  91. Pick me! My compost system consists of throwing scraps at the chickens and raking up what they don’t eat into a big pile along with their poop.

  92. Would love to win one of these as my home made composter is extremely heavy due to the “sophisticated” design, ha!

  93. I’ve got the compost bin from the city of san diego, the big black things, and those are pain to aerate (especially for my 83 year old grandma who I live with). I would love love love to try a tumbler!

  94. Looks like great quality and very substantial. It would be a great addition to my gardening supplies, especially since compost would help to make my horrible clay soil more tillable.

  95. I have a DIY composter made of pallets. I’ve stayed away from affordable commercial composters because they’re generally made of plastic. This metal tumbler sounds great!

  96. Just asked my husband to turn over one compost bin to unearth lovely black compost. Now that we’ve harvested the bottom of the pile, everything needs to be turned over again to get to the lovely stuff at the bottom of the second bin. Lots of work. Would love something a bit less physically taxing.

  97. Composting is a natural and important part of being earth friendly that most people over look. Composting keeps tons of reusable trash (food waste) out of landfills and creates black gold literally. Composting makes gardens thrive and reduces the amount of waste that leaves your home. Our family uses a composter currently, but we would love to expand our love of composting by giving away the one you are giving away to a neighbor so they can begin living a greener more earth friendly life:) It is so important to spread the word about composting and green living because neither are hard you just have to be willing to give it a try.

  98. Please enter me in the giveaway, thanks. I would love to have one of these composters.

  99. Count me in! I have been meaning to expand the garden to include a composter and this would be perfect!

  100. Ooo, count me in! We moved into our first apartment with a bit of yard in the back last June, and in a fit of peny-pinching DIY garden-lust, I bought a 5 gallon rubbermaid tote, drilled about half the amount of holes in it that it actually needed and filled it with way too much greens (not enough browns). The resulting bog still lives in the back corner:)

  101. Want!
    I gave up on our sad raccoon-diner backyard compost bin, and now send it all to the city. I’d love to make my own again!

  102. Please let me win! I will be moving to a new place, complete with 2 acres, in a few weeks and would love to start composting for my new garden and beds.

  103. Anything to keep the chipmunks, voles and rats out would be a distinct improvement over what I have. Sign me up.

  104. That looks like it would help tremendously. We just moved from Ohio to Colorado and I don’t miss anything but my garden. I have no idea what to do with a flat, bare acre.

  105. I’ve been wanting to compost so badly in my small space that I’ve been chucking garden waste and over-done sauerkraut into an old plastic plant pot that lost its bottom. Any day now my nutty neighbor will get a whiff of kraut and come down on me like a ton of passive-aggressive bricks. I would desperately love to win this!

  106. Love the site we are newbies to composting only Second year and to be honest i enjoy anything that keeps me and the family outside. We just got 10 Road Island Red chickens and burned up some tomato’s putting there little presents straight on them,But we got past that learning curve,and we are on our way to having the best garden around LOL. we just thought we would say hello and enter the contest thank you for the chance to win such a cool item!! Damian Nicole Serenity & Prestyn

  107. Count me in! I’ve been needing to compost for a while now. Our backyard is tiny and I’ve been hesitant to set-up a DIY system, since I occasionally see rodents even with nothing around for them. This sounds like the perfect solution!

  108. Oh! Pick me Pick me!! I would love to try it out and compare to my DIY compost bin. Thanks for another great post!

  109. I would LOVE to be entered- our one stack compost bin is alright, but I dream of a tumbler.

  110. Oh my gosh I need a tumbling composter! Our old one is just not cutting it anymore. I can see my kids begging to turn it!

  111. I’m totally new at this, but actually have room in my new space and started some gardening and realized how very important compost is…. i am so in on this one. I hope to win so i can continue to grow and learn more by doing!

  112. Pleeease! I just moved into a studio with very limited space and sun (so no diy compost), but this would be perfect for my brand new container garden!

  113. I unfortunately live in an apartment with no room for this, however my mother in law has been wanting one for a while, so this would make a great gift!

  114. I would love one of these, I try to compost anything and everything. This would life so much easier.

  115. Enter me! So far, my attempts at composting have been a bust.
    Luckily ,I can pick up free compost at my city’s yard waste drop off center.

  116. I would love to win this. I’ve got a plastic tube with a lid compost bin that is very inconvenient to turn and never gets hot enough to compost seeds – consequently my weed problem is a little nuts. This would be a huge improvement for my postage stamp of a yard.

  117. i have been trying the DIY method for a few years and have the same struggles you do. Would love to try the Jora!

  118. oooh!!!! I MUST win this…. a I am too cheap to buy something I “could” (& did actually!) DYI… & too lazy to really maintain my compost pile properly (luckily it takes care of itself EVENTUALLY!)

  119. I would love to win this. All my previous attempts at composting were terrible failures, but this seems so easy that even *I* could do it!

  120. Please pick me! This composter is the best! It’s insulated and you can compost longer…it stays really hot all summer and if it doesn’t freeze too badly, it won’t freeze completely in the winter. It’s fast and you have compost sooner than any other composter. It’s easy to turn with the handles…not heavy.

  121. We would L O V E to try this. We planted our first garden this year and composting is something I want to get started with soon!

  122. I would love this! I have a black tumbling composter. It is so hard to turn and I have to stop adding fresh material so the compost can finish. I always said you need two. This would solve both problems. I can only hope!

  123. That would foil those raccoons that like to chew into my compost bin! And it looks amazing, too – what an awesome composter!

  124. Enter me please! I am currently composting in pits and aerating them is a job for me and my ten best friends – who won’t be that for long…

  125. Got a weird code after my last try so don’t know if it went thru – I’m just starting out and would live to win this – best BDay present ever if I did.

  126. Count me in! I have wanted to start composting for a while but had no idea where to start. This would definitely help!

  127. Absolutely Awesome! My teen grandson and I are going truly organic this year – this would be a fantastic addition to our backyard mini farm.

  128. Hey it’s Perfect! My birthday is May 31st!!! I’d looove to win this as it would make a perfect garden girl new mom bday gift! Fingers crossed :)

  129. I would love to win this! I’ve just bought a house with a small back yard (future garden!) and this would be perfect for my space. Thank you!

  130. Wow. I’m awfully late to this game. I’d love to replace my slapped together 2×4 and mesh cube-o-compost with a well made bin like this. :)

  131. Yes, PLEASE count me IN! I am new to composting and this would get me off to a good start! Thanks! :)

  132. Count me in! We just began to compost and are trying to figure it all out. This would help a ton!!!

  133. Count me in! I would love to move up from the plastic trash cans I’ve been using for compost!

  134. Thank you for hosting this giveaway. I would love to win this! Have always wanted one, but just use the city cheap one still (but glad to have even that) :)

  135. Mine is either a dried out or soggy mix, so was surprised that I actually got some rich dirt from the bottom. Would love one of these to make composting easier!

  136. please enter me, having 2 commerical compost bins neither does a good job looks like this one is promising. love to win it

  137. please enter me, having 2 commerical compost bins neither does a good job looks like this one is promising.

  138. Enter me please! With two big dogs, composting is next to impossible. But if I had something like this, it would be possible!

  139. Please put me in the drawing! Just getting going with Gardening and I’m on a limited budget – my own compost would be a big savings for me.

  140. Count me in! I just ordered 2000 worms for a homemade worm bin, but I definitely need a composter. : )

  141. OOO. This is addition to my vermi composter. I would never have to use a garbage service again. I think I may need one of these

  142. Oh please count me in! I’ve been saving up to get a better compost bin because my DIY one is not cutting it!

  143. I wanted this so badly for mother’s day but it was a bit out of budget. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  144. What a great giveaway! I would love to win this. I just started my first vegetable garden this year, and would really love to start composting too – I know this would help!

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