Repurposed for the Garden: All Night Long

a headlamp for gardening after dark

After the alembic copper still and a new camera lens that I will never be able to afford, all I really wanted for my 40th birthday was a headlamp so I can keep working in the garden past dark — and I got one. The headlamp that is. I’ll be saving up for the lens until I am 50.

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The headlamp I got (a gift from Davin) is on the low end of a series manufactured by Black Diamond, a company that makes outdoor gear for climbers and skiers. However, I’m not a climber or a skier and I don’t expect that this headlamp will ever make it past my garden. My life doesn’t depend on its ability to withstand wear and tear in extreme conditions so a low end model is perfectly fine. While I’m sure there are cheaper headlamps out there, this one is good value for the price. It’s comfortable, efficient, and powerful (35 lumens). It can also be set to different intensities. My only complaint is that it starts on high and is reduced from there. I’ve already blinded Davin a few times as a result. Beyond that it works brilliantly and I expect that I will get the most use of it come next spring. It is always in the springtime that I find myself working until I can’t see my hands in front of my face. Well now I can!

One issue I did not foresee when I dreamed of being able to garden until well after dark were the moths that keep crashing into my lit-up forehead while I work. We don’t have an outdoor light out back and it seems that with the headlamp I have taken on that role.

Cost: $19.95 I also see myself making use of it in a power outage, or perhaps someday should I ever muster the courage to brave the vicious meat harvesting deer flies to try camping again.


ps. This is not a sponsored post. Just something that I like and use in my garden. However, please note that there is an affiliate link within this post that, if used, earns me a small commission, which goes towards giveaway prizes and sustaining the site. Please see my current Publication Policy for more info.

Gayla Trail
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6 thoughts on “Repurposed for the Garden: All Night Long

  1. Love it! Can’t believe I didn’t think of this myself, but I guess that’s one of the reasons I read your site. I use my head lamp to walk my dog when we wake up before the sun.

    • We’ve already used this one for taking the dog out as well. Will be handy on trips when we’re away from city lights.

  2. I’ve experienced the moth thing too, even though I only strap on the headlamp in the garden for short periods when I need to gather herbs or the occasional piece of citrus fruit when I’m cooking after dark.
    But I’ve also learned that headlamp is a pretty handy thing to keep within easy reach for power outages, etc since it lets you provide hands-free illumination at the fuse box or while lighting candles or camp lanterns.

  3. I’ve used these for about 15 years, just around the house. Started because of going out to the dog pen to feed them in the dark, morning or night. Only problem I have is the elastic headband loses it’s elasticity after a while. My favorite, which I can’t find anymore, has not just the band to go around your head, but one that goes over your head too. Stops it from moving down on my head.

  4. Coleman Lanterns started out being made for farming after dark. At least that is what their history says. You “could” set up some poles in some areas that you could hang your lantern on.

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