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9 thoughts on “Radishes, 3 Kinds

  1. Radishes are the one thing I wish I would have planted this year. I need to check and see if its too late. Great shot!

  2. Lovely radishes — all these varieties are new to me, too — like so many vegetables now that I’m growing a few of my own.

    I’d like to sow a second crop but wonder if it’s too late. Any varieties that mature quickly & are somewhat more heat-tolerant?

    And how deep is your washbasin & did you put holes in it? I bet the radishes looked amazing growing in it. I think I’d grow them just for their looks.

  3. Amy & Elaine: It depends on where you are. I sowed my last crop last week and the previous sowing (more advanced) is looking a little sad. Mind you this is on my roof where it is hotter and windier.

    You can always try sowing in spaces underneath taller plants where there is some hot sun protection but still good light.

    Regardless, you can try again in the late summer when the heat has subsided. Radishes have more than one season!

  4. Elaine: The ‘Purple Plum’ always seem to do well on my roof. I would not suggest ‘Icicle’ for containers unless they are deep. This was an experiment on my part and they are, as predicted, not as big as they would be in the ground.

    Holes: Yes! Always!

  5. Wow those look great, I tried growing those same varieties but there is a bug that eats them first…they look like a tiny worm and roll into a ball when you touch them. I don’t like bugs. I heard onion, garlic, ceyenne pepper and peppermint leaves steeped in water, then soap or oil added is an effective bug killer. I haven’t tried it yet, though, on these little radish munchers.

  6. I grew Easter Egg radishes this year & they were such a delight to pull out & present in salads. When I was thinning out the seedlings, I very carefully replanted the excess seedlings into the spaces around the others. They grew at a slower pace so it was like I had reseeded a second time & my harvest was longer.

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