Project The Best and Most Ass Kicking the Roof Garden Has Ever Been, EVER 2008

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

While the street garden and the community garden plot are both merrily on their way the roof is a disaster. I started an assortment of edibles a while back amidst the chaos with the intent of organizing it, and then didn’t. When the local television stations starting calling about coming to shoot the garden for various growing season has begun segments I knew I did not want to find myself profusely apologizing for the lackluster show like I did last year.

“Hello. Welcome to my assortment of random empty containers. Please avoid pointing your camera in this direction, and that one, and while you’re at it you might want to crop out that pile of junk to your left.”

That’s the problem with a small space, there are no hidden spots to tuck away and hide the mess. Just everything out on display all the time. And so Project The Best and Most Ass Kicking the Roof Garden Has Ever Been, EVER 2008 was launched this afternoon and let me just say, it really is going to kick even harder than ever this year! Or something.

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

On our way back from lunch I had the sudden impulse to transform an old metal frame into a chalkboard. We stopped at the local art store and picked up some Masonite. As soon as we got back Davin got on the job, transforming what was once an over-the-top framed 3-D hologram of Jesus that I had garbage-picked on a night stroll years back into a place for us to draw pictures. The drawing you see in the photograph is tame, embarrassingly quaint really in comparison to some of the images that first graced the board. I wish I had photographed those, although I am sure there will be plenty more like them in the future.

The project started out on a whim but once it was done we all agree that a place to draw and doodle outside is one of the best non-plant additions to the roof garden ever.

Gayla Trail
Gayla is a writer, photographer, and former graphic designer with a background in the Fine Arts, cultural criticism, and ecology. She is the author, photographer, and designer of best-selling books on gardening, cooking, and preserving.

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17 thoughts on “Project The Best and Most Ass Kicking the Roof Garden Has Ever Been, EVER 2008

  1. Very Cute! I really like your sign.. and your pansies pictured there are gorgeous! I’ve already pulled up the last of mine down here in the South! It’s getting too hot for them.

  2. That looks so nice. It’s a great idea to transform a frame into a chalk board. I know about the small space and no place to hide your junk.

  3. That is fantastic, what a great frame! I can’t wait to see the roof garden this year, I’m always in awe of your fabulous roof garden, so I’m really excited to see it this year.

    Did you just use the chalkboard spray paint stuff?

  4. I agree with Lauren. You rocked that frame and I am sure the roof top garden will do it justice. I look forward to the photos! I need inspiration!

  5. Yay! How exciting. Your roof garden, despite what you said above about apologizing etc, has been a huge inspiration to me. I container-garden on my back deck, and frequently refer to the photos of your roof, in mid-Summer abundance, as a big inspiration. Can’t wait to see what you do!

  6. Thanks everyone! We continue to love the chalkboard, Davin especially has already changed the picture a few times.

    Blake: I really do love the roof and am proud of it. I think the problem is that people expect it to be “television pretty” FAR too early in the season. And of course when those camera crews show up my own expectations shift. THAT is the real issue.

  7. I can imagine, Gayla. On a much smaller scale, just a visitor or two to my house has me peering out at the garden ahead of time, hoping it looks “nice/impressive/complete enough”.

  8. Ha ha Gayla… “Television Pretty!”… THAT would be Martha Stewart and her crew of hundreds… We expect you garden to be an honest garden. “Honesty is the best poetry.”

  9. I understand, Gayla. My one garden needs a serious kick in the pants. I turned my back on it this year for one week. One week!–and I’ve been begging the garden gods to take pity on me, promising that I will never, ever, neglect them again..

  10. I agree with alphatango. Your honesty as well as sense of humour, imagination, energy, creativity, not to mention awesome horticultural and design skill and knowledge inspire me to keep on trying to make the most of my balcony garden when some days I am really tired and discouraged and wondering why I keep trying when my “success” stats are only about .111, at best.

    The chalkboard is too much fun. I’m looking forward to the messages we’ll see in future posts and photos.

  11. Hey Gayla,

    Where abouts is your place? I’m not asking for specifics, of course. I also live in Toronto (just moved here a month ago! working at the toronto women’s bookstore! been reading your blog for about a year or two now. also own the book! i’m pretty much a gayla-super-fan). I’m not trying to be creepy, just wanted to get a sense of the neighbourhood you’re in and what places you frequent for things gardening-related.


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