Press and Reviews – 2000-2001

Create Online–Sites Recommended by Professional Designers

Craig Robinson of FlipFlopFlyin’
“It’s a gardening site with a difference – instead of overpaid experts, it’s been lovingly set up by some green-fingered enthusiasts. The look and feel hasn’t suffered though.
“It’s just been beautifully designed, with a nice use of type,” says Craig. “It’s so not Alan Titchmarsh! You can tell the person’s really into gardening, but it’s rare to see that much knowledge combined with good design.” He’s also impressed by the feminine feel of the site, which is run by two women. “A lot of web design is so obviously male, so this is a breath of fresh air. I used to hate gardening as a kid, but this has made me want to get a window box. It must be doing its job!”"
Coolstop: Best of Cool Award
Monday, February 28, 2000.

“Well now – it seems that one of two people behind today’s winning site is also one of the two people behind another Best of the Cool winner – and I’m not at all surprised. Superb design, wonderful use of color, and great content about the Plant Kingdom that’s anything but typical. This site is a gem – their claim that it’s “one-of-a-kind” is accurate. Features include articles, forums, and interviews – even a plant movie and a coloring contest.”
Silicon Salley: Interview

“Beyond the original content, the site is a beautifully hand-crafted reminder of the best intentions of the Internet, connecting people to people via quality information. I could ramble on at this point but I fear I would just sound old and crusty (it would involve ranting a lot about industry buzzwords, pretty boring really). So, that said let’s get straight to the Q&A!” more…
NOW Toronto: Site of the Week

“Questions about whether gardening is cool with the youth are answered by this nifty plant-centric quarterly that promises “secrets of the plant kingdom revealed.” There are gardening diaries, photos, a glossary, a seed trade and a plant forum where you can get advice and tips on why those woolly lamb’s ears you planted ended up black and feeling like sandpaper. Guys with a plant fetish are apparently also welcome. ”

“This web site is truly one of a kind. Bookmark it before you forget! There is no doubt that this is a gardening site because there is good quality garden information and help to be found here. HOWEVER, one must be on guard to be sure that they are not taken in with a belief that they will ultimately gain the particular knowledge that they were seeking when they began reading the article. The “GIRLS” look at a wide variety of garden topics, but sometimes…. well, sometimes they just look at them a little differently. This ‘quarterly’ E-zine is updated every week or so (like I said… different). I’ve bookmarked the Girls and will be back to visit every time I start to take my gardening too seriously. I recommend that you take a break from the plants for a little R&R. (Reading and relaxing).”
Fierce Site of the Day

“Photosynthesis. Agronomy. Horticulture.
These are three words whose letters can be arranged to make the sentence “Morph into youth clusters, G.” As far as their meanings, I’m not entirely sure, even though I did grow up on a farm. We raised livestock, and ultimately bottomed out because we could never grow decent pot-bellied pigs, no matter how deep my dad planted them.” Read more…
Third Age

Garden Fever Growing?
“Whiffs of spring have you eager to start digging? Check out You Grow Girl for plant knowledge for gardeners from beginning to expert.” more…
Scott’s Botanical Links

February 24, 2000.
“To say that YouGrowGirl is not like the regular sites that I review is an understatement!! Sites include how’s it growing, mini garden art, the lab, vermicomposting (yes, requires worms!), “news”, and an interview with two 78- and 93-year old gardeners who grow all of their own vegetables. Featured in the lab is the resurrection of a shamrock using the healing power of ’80s music from the New Edition. Someone’s creative tongue is planted firmly in cheek at this site, so follow their botanical advice, not their music choice to heal your plants! (***1/2)”
Brief Me

“Okay. It’s summer. It’s nice outside. PERFECT weather for planting some flowers! Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, if you don’t have the slightest idea on how to get started, this site may be of some help. Here, you will find some really neat gardening tips and even some games that you can play to satisfy your “green” urge if you can’t dig up the backyard. I recommend this site to everyone, even if you aren’t too crazy about plants–you could GET interested.”
Kaliber 10000

“We have no clue – but we like what we see at yougrowgirl – perhaps it’s because we’re european??”

“Gayla is a really superlative web designer and a nurturing soul. Naturally, it has come to pass that she’s created a beautiful, funny, and informative site about gardening that is, by no means, exclusively of interest to girls.”
Rocket Pitas

“A breathtaking web site for female gardening fanatics (and those who just like pretty flowers). I’m no green thumb, but I love this site. Not just because it’s nice on the eyes, but because it contains some vital information for girls who grow.”

Gayla Trail
Gayla is a writer, photographer, and former graphic designer with a background in the Fine Arts, cultural criticism, and ecology. She is the author, photographer, and designer of best-selling books on gardening, cooking, and preserving.

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