Plant Me!

Guest post by Emira Mears

I’m a pretty big fan of Branch the currently online/soon to also be a physical store in San Francisco that bills itself as a purveyor of Sustainable Design for Living. They have a pretty great gardening section that seems to be a combo of novelty grow-in-one containers and some graceful design pieces like the Perch birdfeeder.

I just received their latest email newsletter and was inexplicably charmed by the very absurd Plant Me Pets. I think it might be the kind of situationist overtones of their “Plant Me” and “I’m the Tomato” badges that really seals the deal for me. I might just need one of these for work to remind me of the dirt waiting for me at home.

Plant Me


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5 thoughts on “Plant Me!

  1. I’m not a fan of these seed plant kits but I will admit that the package design is hard to resist. I love the bird feeder! So much nicer than the lame wood and wire one I currently use.

  2. another plant-blogger, midge, here…

    i’m being a little nosy, but, could this possibly be emira of soapboxgirls fame? can’t be that many vancouverites with such a unique name around…

  3. me again (my nickname is “midge”…i’m trying to switch over to my real name, Ariane, without confusing everyone)

    Nice to meet you, too! Fame might not exactly be the right word, but I’ve been reading soapboxgirls for years!

    Plus, when I started getting into webdesign last year and was studying some of my favorite e-commerce sites, I was looking into who had done the site for Lunapads, and when I went to see what company had done the design, I realized it was one of the soapbox’ers and was even more impressed! Finding a successful all-woman webdesign company was really inspiring to me… (Wow, I am such a geek!)

  4. That’s awesome! And again nice to meet you! We should do an actual meet in person, given we’re so close and all. And you could come visit the fig trees around my house if you like, perhaps they’ll be inspiring? There are so many huge ones!

    Anyway. Minor correction to say that the Lunapads site was in fact done by both Soapboxgirls, as Lauren (coeditor at SBG) is Raised Eyebrow’s lead designer.

    But seriously, we should get together and talk web/garden stuff sometime.

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