Pepper Trinidad Perfume

Food Worth Growing: ‘Trinidad Perfume’ Pepper

I love the idea of hot peppers much more than my body likes it when I eat them. For that reason I am always on the look out for what West Indians call “seasoning peppers.” That is, varieties that impart the flavour of hot peppers without the heat.* One of the best seasoning peppers that

Foraged Apples

How About Them Apples? Foraging for Free Fruit

Illustration by Davin Risk If you’ve been following my Instagram over these last weeks, you will have noticed that I have gone out foraging for apples with a friend on a couple of occasions. In that time I have received a few requests for more info, i.e. how I do it, what are the subtle

Oven Roasted Salsa Verde Tomatillo Sauce

My Oven Roasted Salsa Verde Recipe

Recently, my friend Margaret of A Way to Garden inquired about harvesting her first big bounty of tomatillos and turning them into salsa verde. If you grow your own tomatillos, late summer is when their papery husks start to plump up and split, signalling that they are ready for harvest. The fruit tends to ripen

Grow Write Guild: Creative writing prompts for gardeners

Grow Write Guild #13: Endings and Transitions

I’m beginning to see the end*. Gaps are appearing where summer annuals have been yanked. Seed heads are quickly replacing flowers and colour in the garden comes more from the green leaves that are shifting towards yellows, reds, and browns. The world is in transition. I’ve been thinking about this lately. The way I focus


Planting Happiness

“He who plants a garden, plants happiness.” – Chinese Proverb Inspired by this quote are a few recent scenes from my small patch of earthly joy.

euphorbia platyclada

Zombie Plant is Coming

I probably should have waited to post this until it was doing something more exciting than simply being alive in a pot, but the fact that it is alive at all is one reason why I find this euphorbia so thrilling in the first place. Euphorbia platyclada is a living succulent plant that looks dead,

Hummingbird Sage (Salvia guaranitica)

‘Black and Blue’ Salvia

‘Black and Blue’ salvia is really more blue and purple than black, but you know how these things go in the garden world. Dark purple is often considered black and identifying colour is mostly down to a bit of wishful thinking. This salvia is also reported to attract hummingbirds, hence the common name, hummingbird sage,


Gardening with My Dog, Molly

When we adopted our wonderful dog Molly just over a year and a half ago, the most common question asked was, “How will you keep her from destroying the garden?” Molly is a terrier mix, and everything we were told indicated that she might be a bit of a menace in the garden. It was

Roasted Vegetables with Pear and Sage

Early Fall Eating: Roasted Vegetables with Pear and Sage

Everything Roasted. I know I have mentioned at least a few times that this is one of my cooking mottos. I am yet to discover a vegetable or fruit that doesn’t taste good roasted in the oven, their juices caramelized, concentrated, and full of flavour. Roasting is also easy work. Lazily chop up ingredients. Toss

Succulents in a Window Box

A Window Box of Succulents

I’ve been a succulent enthusiast since the start. They are easy to care for, can be crammed into small spaces, and they come in a wide range of alien-like forms. What’s not to love? While I have always grown a great many of them, moving out of my old apartment and into a very dry

Grow Write Guild: Creative writing prompts for gardeners

Grow Write Guild #12: Fall is Here

And just like that we’ve gone from summer to fall. I could see the changes coming: the bean plants turning yellow and then brown; then, of course, that first colourful fallen leaf on the sidewalk. Despite these subtle signs, this year fall came suddenly, almost painfully. For that reason I thought it would be good

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