Oxalis ‘Burgundy Bliss’

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

I recently wrote about my new oxalis obsession elsewhere on the site, including a wide view of this particular plant, ‘Burgundy Bliss,’ in its pot. Then a friend sent me a link to this blog featuring a collection of phenomenal oxalis plants.

Look at Oxalis obtusa ‘Coral’, and the thin lines of colour through the petals. Or the way that Oxalis versicolor’s petals unfurl in a spiral to reveal a strip of colour along the edges.

I am done for.

Gayla Trail
Gayla is a writer, photographer, and former graphic designer with a background in the Fine Arts, cultural criticism, and ecology. She is the author, photographer, and designer of best-selling books on gardening, cooking, and preserving.

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9 thoughts on “Oxalis ‘Burgundy Bliss’

  1. Too late for me, I’m afraid, I’m already addicted. My favourites are the South American species and their hybrids. But I also like the South Africans that are, for me, just coming out of dormancy in the greenhouse. Check out Telos Rare Bulbs for availability and pictures.

  2. these beautiful flowers make me feel young and refreshed evrytime i look them on my desk top i remember my child hood days that i used to take care of our lttle garden with my grnadmother who used to love plants almost all flowering plants,i very much glad for this oppotunity to send message as i could express my fondness to flowers.

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