No Garlic

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I think it’s time to let it go and accept the inevitable… that garlic is not going to get into the ground this year. I’m already a month late. Thankfully I predicted this would happen and decided against participating in the Great Canadian Garlic Nerd Fest months ago thereby avoiding not only being pissed at myself but enduring the shame of not following through on a commitment.


Of course, as I’m writing the words, “Let it go” a portion of my brain is strategizing how I can still make it happen. Let it go? Never!

Gayla Trail
Gayla is a writer, photographer, and former graphic designer with a background in the Fine Arts, cultural criticism, and ecology. She is the author, photographer, and designer of best-selling books on gardening, cooking, and preserving.

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7 thoughts on “No Garlic

  1. I just planted my garlic on Monday! I hoping it will be okay despite its late start. As a consolation prize you could grow some garlic inside in a pot. The little shoots are tasty, especially in the middle of winter.

  2. Same here, no garlic going into the ground at our place this fall. Especially now that there’s SNOW all over it. Lots of snowy pots on our deck, too. I have to get out there and rescue them before they crack in the cold!

  3. Hello Gayla, what a coincidence, I just planted my first garlic cloves today! I planted them in a container (but I’m not sure if they’re deep enough…)! I hope I’ll have plenty of garlic next spring to use in my cookings and to give to my friends! What an original and nice gift it would be!Your book is being my (great!) gardening manual, right now I’m facing quite a pest attack in my tomatoes (little green disgusting worms that are litterally eating all the leaves :(). I already used milk to combat fungus, but should i use the garlic home made pesticide to fight these ones or is there anything better? thank you!

  4. Hi Gayla all the way in the UK and my garlic is in. Isle of Wight bulbs bought from the farmers market. My allotment is a bit on the clay side, by a brook so my bulbs are not as big as the Isle of Wight ones.

  5. Ewww icky white stuff all over your garden!
    Bulb planting lasts all winter for us. I have a bunch of bulbs to get out sometime before summer sitting in a box in my gardening closet. Yes, it seems I have procrastinated as well. But no icky white stuff to kick me out of my garden, no siree bob. Just pretty purple and red and green tufts of lettuce and herbs that are finally able to survive our heat thriving.
    On the other hand, I cant grow grapes because we dont get an adequate freeze and they die of diseases that arent killed off in the soil. And I have to plan my garden around the summer heat die off around late july and august. And the rain leeches the nutrients out of my soil just as quickly as I mulch them back in, leaving this hard packed clay. So its a tradeoff.

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