Nasturtium ‘Alaska Mix’

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

One of my new self-imposed rules in service of Project The Best and Most Ass Kicking the Roof Garden Has Ever Been, EVER 2008 is “No more ugly plastic hanging baskets.” And so I bought this “natural-look” number for $9.99. It seems to be holding up well so far. The nasturtiums haven’t produced any flowers yet but it’s only a matter of time before I am harvesting more spicy flowers than we can eat.

Gayla Trail
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11 thoughts on “Nasturtium ‘Alaska Mix’

  1. I do eat the leaves although less often then the flowers. The flowers have a sweetness that accompanies the spicy bite. The leaves don’t have that sweetness.

  2. Van: Not stupid!! How many can share a pot depends on the container size and the material it is made of. This is a fairly compact variety that does well in hanging baskets. As long as they get enough moisture and nutrition (especially when flowering) they will be happy.

    I think I have 4 or 5 plants in that container.

    Nasturtiums are tough. And remember, if it seems too crowded you can always remove one.

  3. Gorgeous photo, love the basket and great advice about # of plants per container. Thanks.

    This year I’m growing Vanilla Berry, Creamsicle and Cherries Jubilee from Renee’s seeds. 100% germination rate. I love Renee’s seeds.

    Also no flowers yet but lots of healthy green foliage. Not as pretty as the Alaska Mix, though.

    Do you use different (ie, poorer) soil for your nasturtiums or do you just not feed them to encourage flowering?

    Oh, and I thought of you this weekend when I retrieved from the back alley an almost-new rectangular Phillipine basket that is the perfect size for growing salad greens.

  4. I like that idea of no plastic hanging baskets. I’m a lover of the natural look. I wish I could rid of all my plastic pots in general and replace them with nice ceramic ones. There is no money for all that though.

  5. Elaine: I love the ‘Cherrie’s Jubilee’ variety. Next year. Have to keep reminding myself that I am out of space. Must say it like a mantra.

    I use the same soil but I don’t add any extra amenders or fertilizers as I do for many other flowers and plants. In the early stages they are still developing leaves so they need the nutrition still in the container mix. The type I use has a bit of compost in it but no other fertilizers. Never had a problem getting them to flower when the time comes. You can also use last year’s soil from another container if that’s an issue.

    Eva: I am also partial to the nickname “nasties.”

    Vanillalotus: Sometimes plastic is preferable. If I had everything in terracotta I might have some extra watering issues… although the glazed stuff is usually better… but then even more expensive!

  6. I have nasturtiums everywhere because they don’t mind my sucky soil, red flowers taste the best- Empress of India is my favorite. I also like Vanilla Berry because it has these cute little pink dots around its “face” that look like you did them yourself with a magic marker.

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