Meyer Lemon Blossoms

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

I have searched high and low in Canada for a place that sells ‘Meyer’ lemon trees. No such luck. Whenever I visit the U.S I am taunted by all of the trees I find for sale in various garden stores. It doesn’t matter whether I am in a warm southern state, a temperate state, or a cold, Northern state. ‘Meyer’ lemon trees are sold in every city.

It’s like America is sticking its tongue out at me and laughing.

If you have have occasion to smell a ‘Meyer’ lemon blossom or taste a fruit, do it. You will not be disappointed. It is the happiest smell in the world.

Gayla Trail
Gayla is a writer, photographer, and former graphic designer with a background in the Fine Arts, cultural criticism, and ecology. She is the author, photographer, and designer of best-selling books on gardening, cooking, and preserving.

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18 thoughts on “Meyer Lemon Blossoms

  1. We are currently not allowed to ship citrus plants out of the state due to Citrus Greening. That’s why you can’t find plants. I’ve heard that it comes true from seed, so if you can find someone who has one, you can possibly grow one of your own.

  2. Deborah: As a Canadian I can’t have them shipped or bring them over the border either. I’ve also heard that they come true from seed… I keep saving seeds and saying I will do it… but I am impatient. It will be years before I get anything. Meanwhile, years have passed since I first said I would do it. I’d be very close to fruit by now if I had just done it when I first said I would.

  3. We have one of these in our garden, too! It’s currently laden with fruit. Problem is I have no idea how big to let them get before they’re pickable — this is our first year with the tree bearing.

    Any idea how big a Meyer lemon is supposed to be?


  4. Oh oh oh!!!

    I have one of these that I bought at Humber Nurseries in January.

    But it isn’t adapting so well to my home – so you might not want one.

    However, I should say I have an almost black thumb though.

  5. It’s been too many years since I’ve held a baseball so I’m having a hard time conceptualizing the size… I’m going to guesstimate a bit smaller than that. 3″ Although I have also seen Meyers that are even smaller… like 2″.

    Color is also good to look at. They come yellow in the store (yellow meyers have more orange flavor) but you can pick them when there is still some green (more lemony).

  6. Mochapj: I was gonna say, “Dang” but then realized that Humber Nurseries is impossible for me to get to without a car.

    There are lots of issues to face when trying to grow inside during the winter when our houses are dry and lack adequate light. Move your plant outdoors in early summer and it will pick up.

    I have grown key lime and kumquat… just harvested 3 kumquats recently!

  7. I was in Costa Rica last month, where I ate some kind of sweet lemon right off the tree. I don’t know if it was a Meyer lemon, but it was sweet and mild and not very acidic. I saved the seeds but they got a bit moldy by the time I got back. Do you think they can still grow into a healthy plant? If so, I’d be happy to send you a couple. I also kept some seeds from a Caimito, an amazing tropical fruit with bright purple flesh that oozes latex, and white jelly at the centre. And it tastes like grape jelly.

  8. It just drives me crazy when I think of the lovely Meyer’s lemon tree which grew in my Grandfather’s garden in New Zealand. Here, I would have to grow one in a pot and bring it indoors to overwinter it. That is too much trouble.

  9. Wow – after reading the description of this particular lemon tree (especially the comments) I will have to keep my eyes open for one – since I am in FL, citrus shouldn’t be too hard for me to find. (at least Ihope) I do have a lemon tree and do not know the specific type,(it was a gift) but I do not think it is a Meyer as I do not recognize that flower.

    And lovely photograph!

  10. Dear Gayla, I, too, bought a Meyer’s lemon here in Vancouver at my favorite flower corner store. It was only about 30.00 and it has produced a couple of small crops. The fruit is almost round and the flavor was delicious. Right now it has baby fruit and blossoms,and it stands at maybe two feet. I first learned about them on Martha. I was recovering from surgery therefore watching daytime TV. She mentioned that they were so sweet and she loved them for lemonade as one needs less sugar.
    I really enjoy you on Creating Eden. I also live in a very urban area and love to see green spaces and community gardens.

  11. Maureen: Thanks I will check them out. But… oh oh. I saw they have OTHER citrus trees I would like. This could become a problem.

  12. Hey Gayla,

    I’m planning at least one trip to Humber this spring because I’ve heard they’re a great source for fruit trees and bushes and they’re one of the only places I know of that has straw in the spring. If you want, I can let you know when I’m going and you can come along. I’ll feel a lot better about the trip if there are two of us going, rather than just lil’ol me all alone in my car. I might even be able to borrow my father-in-law’s hybrid SUV if we need more room for trees.

    ~ Mel ~

  13. I bought one at the local walmart (Canada) last year. I Love the smell of the blossoms and am very excited to have fruit growing.

  14. You brought back a lot of memories for me with this picture. We used to have a Meyer lemon that came with our previous house in California. Now we’re in NYC and I miss that tree!

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