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10 thoughts on “Lithops Seedlings Closeup

  1. How exciting! I just ordered a bundle of lithops, conophytums and other weird small cactus/succulents in seed form – anxiously awaiting them in the mail. I also live in Toronto, it seems winter is a decent time to sow seeds, as long as you have a sunny windowsill?

  2. Lan: I just ordered more seed as well. I’m growing mine underneath lights.

    Barry: I was pretty sure the one to the right was caused by maturity since the colour is very brown… the seedlings on the left I wasn’t sure about… it’s fun to watch them develop.

  3. I love baby succulents. They look so strange as seedlings. It’s nice to see that other people are interested in growing succulents from seed too!

    Who do you order your seeds from?

  4. Daedre,

    I found mine on e-bay. Andrea’s seeds was the seller, they have an awesome array or succulent seeds!

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