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Gayla is a writer, photographer, and former graphic designer with a background in the Fine Arts, cultural criticism, and ecology. She is the author, photographer, and designer of best-selling books on gardening, cooking, and preserving.

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7 thoughts on “I Need a Little Colour Today

  1. Wow, the colours in that photo are stunning! What a great shot! Broom is so pretty, it’s a shame it’s invasive. I quite like using it in ikebana, if you prune it at the right time of year the branches are really easy to shape.

  2. Thank you for posting this photo – it is so lovely! I’ve been trolling flickr lately for colorful garden photos, trying to beat back the winter doldrums, and seeing this post come up in my feed reader made me smile.

  3. Hi! Just came across your site via Plantgasm and am excited to have found it — thanks for all the info and lovely photos. I garden on Alcatraz in the San Francisco Bay and will be sure to send some sun up north your way…..Best, katie

  4. It reminds me of gorse (which, Wikipedia tells me, is in the same Faboideae family). Fresh gorse flowers smell like Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen, and every time I see a close-up photo, the smell comes back to mind :)

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