Hot Pepper Mix Up

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Update: Some years later, I eventually identified these as ‘Aji Brazilian Red Pumpkin’ (Capsicum baccatum).

I bought hot pepper seeds a few years back labeled as ‘Fish’. ‘Fish’ is a variegated pepper that grows on a variegated plant, with the peppers eventually turning red. Half of the seeds sown have gone on to produce ‘Fish’ plants, however the other half have produced this very different hot pepper plant. The plant is not variegated and the peppers are very tiny, squat, bell-shaped fruit.

I have grown it over three years and this has happened every time. There must have been some kind of screw up at packaging time but the company I bought them from doesn’t sell seed for a pepper that looks anything like this. And with so many hot pepper varieties available I am yet to identify it.

If you have an idea of what it could be I’d love to hear it. My only other thought is that it is something totally new that was created when plants crossed. I like that option but can’t run with it until I have exhausted all other possibilities.

Gayla Trail
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