Hand Blown Glass Posy Pin

Photo by Davin Risk All Rights Reserved

I picked up this teeny, tiny hand blown glass posy pin on my way back from lunch this afternoon. See how fast I am? Quick like lightening!

I was apprehensive about pining a small water-filled vase to my chest but it really does hold the water. I tried all kinds of bending over actions that I might carry out during an average day and nary a drop was spilled. My only remaining concern is that I smash into something, breaking the glass and cutting open my chest. Or, say I’m riding my bike and I fall off, tumbling headlong to the tarmac. I walk away uninjured with only minor scrapes except for that microscopic piece of glass that has embedded itself into my skin and is now racing towards my heart. Or, say I’m walking down the street past a school yard where a gym class is outside playing dodge ball. Someone throws with a bit too much vim and the ball collides with the pin on my chest wherein it explodes into thousands of tiny glass shards that sink into my exposed neck and face. See how the possible scenarios for injury are endless?

Beyond the risk of injury and/or death it’s a really great little pin! A real conversation starter.

I paid $8 for mine at Poppies a floral shop on Queen Street here in Toronto. It seems to be sold out from most online stores but I did find it here. ENJOY!

Gayla Trail
Gayla is a writer, photographer, and former graphic designer with a background in the Fine Arts, cultural criticism, and ecology. She is the author, photographer, and designer of best-selling books on gardening, cooking, and preserving.

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15 thoughts on “Hand Blown Glass Posy Pin

  1. That is so freakin’ awesome! The ass kickinest pin to go with the ass kickinest rooftop garden? I think so!

  2. …but if you are in the desert photographing succulents and happen to sprain your ankle, at least you will have a small sip of water that cold save your life until help arrives.

  3. If it’s sold out everywhere, others must not be afraid to use it. Just stay away from playgrounds and bicycles:) I’d love one. Great idea.

  4. i have been wanting something of the sort to attach to a hair barette. you know, to look stunning when i go out.

  5. It’s so sweet — I’d risk potential injury and wear it anyway. Just think — you can carry violas with you wherever you go.

  6. What a cute little pin! Those would be perfect for weddings or other occasions that require the wearing of flowers.

    If I’m not mistaken most hand blown glass is made with pyrex…which is pretty sturdy. So your chances of breaking it should be less. I can’t really tell by the picture how thick it is, as that can be another factor to consider.

    Thats really neat that it doesn’t leak any water!
    What a good find!

  7. this is wild -
    i make these and sell them at market. infact just today 6-6-08 -i sold a number of them filled with fresh snippets of fresh herbs, in little ole kalamazoo!

  8. Gayla,
    If you love this; then you’d go nuts for Rockettoro’s website. They do a similar kind of thing, but in necklace form. The guy is from Toronto – I think his name is Izik, and he does all sorts of really cute handmade glass pendants.

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