Grow ‘Sparkler’ Radishes in a Container

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

The first new radishes have been making their way into our salads over the last week — what a treat! First up is ‘Sparkler’, a tender, two-toned variety that reminds me of a flattened ‘French Breakfast.’ The later is long and elegant but only appropriate for the very deepest containers, while ‘Sparkler’ is short and squat, perfect for window boxes and smaller pots.

Growing Radishes:

The trick to growing tender radishes in pots is to keep the soil moist, but not soggy. Dry soil turns out small, woody radishes. Deeper containers are easier to keep moist. If you are having trouble growing decent radishes, try supersizing your container and growing a smaller variety.

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

This year I am experimenting with a big wash basin that is about 8 1/2″ deep by 18″ wide. I made lots of holes in the bottom of the container with a big nail and a hammer before filling it with potting soil. I then planted the seeds in concentric circles within the container, spaced about 2 inches apart so the radishes would have room to grow. Approximately 20 or so radishes can grow in there at one time — I could have fit a few more had I not sown a patch of wild arugula in the center for the heck of it.

More About Radishes:

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11 thoughts on “Grow ‘Sparkler’ Radishes in a Container

  1. Very nice! Had my own first harvest of radishes this week. First try with radishes ever. Big container – no problem – tasty radishes. Almost too easy… ;-)

  2. I’ve got radish envy! I think all the spring rains that fell after I seeded caused the soil to compact & pushed up a harvest of rocks instead… I’ll need to sift my gardens further to get such lushous radishes again.

  3. I have planted a variety of radishes with my tomatoes because I was told the roots help aerate the soil and the entire plant repels tomato pests. Any truth to those tales?

  4. Something is nibbling at my radish leaves but I have yet to see the perpetrator. Any clues as to what it is? I think it might be insect because my cat does a fine job of keeping the squirrels away. How do I keep my radish babies safe?

  5. What do you know: I’ve got radishes growing in an old washbasin too, along with arugula and coriander. They’re doing much better than the same seedlings in my actual garden plot. Less pests, I guess

  6. I’ve been putting off growing radishes for a long time, I think they’re due for a try. Although I’ve never been particularly fond of them, I’ve grown “warm” to them just like spinach recently. By trade I’m a landscaper not necessarily a farmer, any “pro tips” for a first-time radish grower? :)

  7. Beautiful radishes. I’ve never seen ‘Sparkler’ before & I’d love to try them.

    Thanks for the tip on spacing. I find thinning so hard to do & tend to put it off. I’m waiting to harvest small pots of ‘French Breakfast’ & ‘Easter Egg’.

    Do you ever sow radishes in late May?

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