Grow a Mixed Strawberry and Herb Container

Photo by Gayla Trail  All Rights Reserved

When I was in the West Indies, I was surprised to see how much people coveted strawberries. While I was salivating over golden apple and fresh bananas, West Indians were paying through the nose for a basket of pathetic, well-traveled berry-like objects. I don’t think strawberries grow very well in extreme tropical heat. That didn’t stop one gardener I visited in Dominica from trying. As my own strawberries begin to set fruit and ripen I wonder if her little plant has made it and if she was able to savor a few homegrown berries this year.

Here in Toronto, it’s not too late to start strawberries. My first article of the season for the Globe & Mail explains how, but did not include this photo of a mixed planting I put together using an old honey tin I bought at a yard sale. If you are going to use something like this, don’t forget to add drainage holes. I made several in the bottom using a large nail I keep on hand for this purpose. Everything in this pot is edible, including the flowers.

One Each of: An unknown hybrid strawberry (the berries are ripening now!), ‘Golden’ sage (it is not hardy here and does not grow very big), ‘Gem Apricot Antique’ viola (may soon have to be replace for something more heat tolerant as the summer kicks in, or you can just pull it out when it kicks it and let the strawberry and sage spread.)

Gayla Trail
Gayla is a writer, photographer, and former graphic designer with a background in the Fine Arts, cultural criticism, and ecology. She is the author, photographer, and designer of best-selling books on gardening, cooking, and preserving.

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10 thoughts on “Grow a Mixed Strawberry and Herb Container

  1. I’ll take one of everything is this photo: strawberry, sage, viola, honey tin (great find!) & tablecloth. Great photo much appreciated by these eyes that have looked at too much grey this week.

    So glad I put off buying a strawberry plant – now I have a creative combination to copy.

  2. Love the bright happy colors in this photo. I think it’s too hot down here in Florida to doom some strawberry transplants to a crispy death, but I’m inspired to start some seeds and get to work in the garden this evening.

  3. I love those violas! Lovely container. I’m growing a ton of strawberries – both large and small varieties – this summer in all kinds of pots. I think the trick with strawberries is to keep them hydrated.

  4. Simply lovely! Love to grow strawberries with my little one. Doing a mixed berry-herb contaner with violas will be our next project. Thanks!

  5. Gayla, how do you use old metal tins and cans as planters? I tried with a coffee can and the rust killed my thyme in about 4 days. And yes those violas are fabulous :)

  6. Juliet: I’ve grown a variety of plants in tins — many of which have rusted– and have never had any issues.

    Lots of drainage holes, good, well-draining soil, adequate moisture depending on the plant and appropriate light for the plant.

  7. Hi Gayla,

    I’m a first time strawberry grower and i live in eastern Pennsylvania and am trying it in a hanging basket. Should I be pulling the flowers off of my plant as it is still trying to grow? It also has 3-4 shoots coming out, is that good?

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