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I just heard through my partner Davin that Taito, makers of the game “Cooking Mama” are about to release a similar version of the game called “Gardening Mama“!

I rarely talk about products or get all covetous on this site however… Must. Have. Game.

I’ll admit that while I have no idea what this game is or how it will function, I am super excited about it. Gardening! As a delightfully pink animated character. It must be the snow that is currently falling from the sky and today’s all day five o’clock grayness talking because I don’t doubt that there will be aspects of this game that will be all wrong. And that wrongness will drive me crazy. I can already see it in the image (above) in which the hose is shooting water all over the plants. I spend so much time advising people against that behavior, enacting it via an animated game will be maddening.

And now I will go hang my head in shame while simultaneously scheming to get my hands on one.

If you want to see more there’s a bunch of Japanese screens over here.

Gayla Trail
Gayla is a writer, photographer, and former graphic designer with a background in the Fine Arts, cultural criticism, and ecology. She is the author, photographer, and designer of best-selling books on gardening, cooking, and preserving.

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10 thoughts on “Gardening Mama

  1. This is not unlike my obsession with having as many plants as possible in my “Greenpatch” on Facebook.

  2. I have to come clean that I love playing the Sims. Not the networked one, just the simple game on my PC. And the Sims 2 has an expansion (Seasons) where you can garden. I was all over that and have spent many recent rainy, dark evenings forcing my little sims to make their own urban homestead. It’s totally entertaining when it looks too miserable outside to dig in real dirt.

  3. Maybe it will help you rest easier/ play with that hose knowing in some climates and with certain plants, where there is sufficient afternoon sunshine and air circulation, it is OK to spray the plants because they really do dry before dusk…. just like an afternoon shower!

    happy gaming!

  4. have you ever tried viva pinata? It’s a video game that I have a secret love for. Depending on the conditions of your soil, creation of habitat, etc, types of plants you grow, certain (pinata) animals are attracted to your garden, and you even create homes for them! of course some pinatas eat other pinatas… it’s an entire pinata ecosystem! (oh, and I do the facebook ‘greenpatch’ too)

  5. The Harvest Moon series is another game where gardening plays a huge role…it is a little less vibrant looking than Viva Pinata but it still is really fun to play. You also get to take care of chickens, sheep, cows, and a horse :)

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