Gardening Has a Grunge Guru?

National Post

…And apparently it’s me! Thanks to Sarah who pointed me to this article in today’s National Post newspaper promoting next week’s Canada Blooms line-up including one of my two talks on growing food in the city.

Friday, March 9, 2007.
12:30pm. Room 714
Topic: Urban Potager: Growing Food in Small or Difficult Spaces

Saturday, March 10, 2007.
2:30pm. Room 714
Topic: Pretty Delicious: Beautiful Food Gardens

Swing by the Toronto Botanical Gardens booth (on the 700 level) directly after both presentations where I’ll be signing books and hanging out.

While grunge was over more than a decade ago, I just might start rocking that title a little. You know, for the selling out and such. As Sarah says, if it can work for “New York’s bad-boy chef” Anthony Bourdain (whom I just happen to LOVE) then… although maybe I’ll have to start actually cultivating a grunge demeanor. I’ve got the potty mouth (however the worst I have ever uttered in a presentation was “crapload”) and have never given up layering over thermal shirts given that I live in the cold north. I will definitely need to change the title to something a little more, ummmm, hardcore like say, “Bad Ass Gardening” or “Get to the Growing Motherfuckers.”

Gayla Trail
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  1. haha! that’s so retro! you could change the “i heart dirt” t-shirts to “i heart mud, honey”…

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