Floral Thailand: A Slideshow

I can’t believe that it’s been almost a year since I went to Thailand. One of the things that struck me while there was the inspired use of floral motifs in all design, whether architectural or fabric. I even saw fruits and vegetables intricately carved to look like flowers. The following pictures were all taken on the first official day of our tour, which began at the Grand Palace in Bangkok. Grand doesn’t begin to describe it.

The mosaics I’ve shown below were stunning, and all were applied by hand, piece-by-piece. Can you imagine? I could have spent a week, if not a full day there. Instead, we were given an hour to take it all in. I spent that hour running around and snapping away like a maniac in an attempt to use the camera to document the detail I would not be able to see in such short order.

thai_floral thai_floral1 thai_floral2 thai_floral3 thai_floral4 thai_floral5 thai_floral6 thai_floral7 thai_floral8 thai_floral9 thai_floral10 thai_floral11 thai_floral12 thai_floral13 thai_floral14 thai_floral15 thai_floral16 thai_floral17

Note: The background on my April 2011 trip to Thailand is outlined over here.

Gayla Trail
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3 thoughts on “Floral Thailand: A Slideshow

  1. Beautiful photos! I cannot imagine how long it must have taken to create all those mosaics. Such tiny pieces on such a grand scale – thanks for sharing!

  2. These painted tiles are amazing. I can’t imagine how many craftspeople put their energy into this creation. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos!

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