Drawing from Nature: Vivid Bird

Hello, and welcome to the start of something a bit different here on You Grow Girl.

First off, don’t be alarmed, this is not Gayla typing these words… this is Gayla’s partner Davin. I lurk around behind the scenes most the time assisting with the design and technical upkeep of the site.

Gayla has occasionally mentioned the weekly “Arts & Crafts” nights we instituted in our home. Those nights give us both a chance to create and play with materials, styles, and concepts. We just have fun exploring new things or adding to existing projects. For me, this has been a way to clean off rusty drawing skills. [He says, "rusty" but Davin is responsible for all of the illustrations, background patterns, and decorative elements in two of my books. - Gayla]

Recently, I’ve been drawing birds — birds that just spring from my pencil, pen, imagination without extreme regard for species or proper bird anatomy — Imaginary Birds I have dubbed them.

Each week, I’ll be posting a new drawing to You Grow Girl. To begin with, the birds will be the stars but I will occasionally draw a plant or two. I hope you’ll enjoy the diversion.

Davin Risk
Davin is a designer, photographer, and likes to draw birds.

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14 thoughts on “Drawing from Nature: Vivid Bird

  1. It’s beautiful! It’s especially nice to see some different birds when I’ve only got the sparrows and occasional chickadee in my yard. :)

  2. Davin, I think your drawings are totally apropos for this website! Lucky girl, Gayla, to have a talented illustrator right at your fingertips.

  3. Sounds fun and thanks for sharing, Davin. Looking forward to your postings. And I really like vivid bird :)

  4. Davin – it’s great to have you writing and drawing here – love that these little guys are imaginary creatures (coloured pencil on tinted paper)?

  5. Thanks everyone! You’ve made this a happy beginning for me.

    Brenda, it’s coloured pencil on Canson pastel paper — the colours just jump off it don’t they?

  6. neon florescence – ya! One of my favourite books of all time is The Painted Bird by Jerzy Kosinski … you made me think of it again :0) … in a good way

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