Drawing from Nature: Vernal Harbinger

As the Vernal Equinox draws tantalizingly close, the birds can sense the coming change. Already, their calls are more raucous in the mornings — their numbers are increased on branches excited for above-zero days and equalized day and night.

Where we live, we can’t really count on true Spring weather until later in April but like the birds, our eyes are widening and we stretch ourselves that much closer to the morning sunshine as we urge on the change.

– Davin

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This post is the second in the “Drawing from Nature” series by Davin Risk. All birds have sprung purely from the imagination and any similarity to true species is entirely accidental.

Davin Risk
Davin is a designer, photographer, and likes to draw birds.

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4 thoughts on “Drawing from Nature: Vernal Harbinger

  1. … aka the little purple birdie that comes out of hiding about 2 days before the clocks spring forward to cheer up all the sleepyheads

  2. Aaaand here’s why I need to look into getting an iPhone.
    THE CASES!!! Augh, they’re awesome!
    Davin, I’m totally loving these bird illustrations you are doing! Once you get a hefty supply, you should offer them like botanical prints.
    I’d buy one! ?
    [except shipping to the US might ne nuts now, thanks postal service! Ugh.]

  3. Hi Donna, thank you! There are “art prints” available too. I’ve added a link code above that give free shipping until march 17th.

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